Blu-ray Review – Legend Of Korra – Book Two: Spirits

korra1 Blu ray Review   Legend Of Korra   Book Two: Spirits

Korra is back for a second season as she battles spirits, politics and betrayal.  Pretty deep stuff for a Nickelodeon show.  Last Airbender got widely popular because of the great storytelling and this new chapter follow its tradition.  Instead of a male hero airbender, we have Korra.  She’s not as appealing as Aang but she’s feisty and it adds depth.  Book two’s title is “Spirits” and while it leads up to the spirit world later down the road, the main theme is family.  There’s foreshadowing going on and not everything is explained from the get go.  I like the show because the characters have their own agenda.  Some are good, some are bad and few are in between.  The start of the show starts with a conflict between the Northern and Southern water tribes.  Korra and her crew gets involved with it.  She’s bored with being called an Avatar and she’s too confident for her own good.  Unalaq, her uncle, trains her to be more mindful and to practice what a true Avatar really is.

The blu-ray set looks gorgeous and the colors really pop.  For some reason, some of the later episodes animation looks different than the first ones.  The art style is different.  Regardless, the transfer is appealing and there’s no artifacts.  The audio is presented in DTS-HD and it’s a good track.  Dialog is clear and because it’s a tv show, it’s mostly the center channel doing the work.  The extras include commentaries and a 30 minute refresher course from Book One.  It’s a good extra that other tv shows should implement.

Book Two is a great set and highly recommended for the deep storyline and cool animation.

Grade: A


pixel Blu ray Review   Legend Of Korra   Book Two: Spirits

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