Blu-Ray Review: Man Of Steel

man of steel blu ray cover1 Blu Ray Review: Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel didn’t live up to the great trailers but it’s still  worth owning on blu-ray.  After the disastrous Superman Returns, WB decided to reboot Superman’s mythology.  Just like Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, this one is dark and brooding.  Zack Snyder of 300 fame directs Man Of Steel so you know it’s going to look badass.  Just like 300, the action scenes and cinematography is great but the story feels disjointed.  The movie starts with Krypton in turmoil.  General Zod is in revolt and the planet is about to blow up.   Then there’s Kal-El, the first baby born naturally in generations.  He’s sent to Earth before Krypton is destroyed.  Zod is after Kal-El because he holds the key to Krypton.  As everybody knows, Kal-El becomes Superman.  Superman can easily rule over the humans but he’s raised loving  by parents.  He respects everyone and decides to use his power for good instead.  General Zod attacks Earth and it’s up to Superman and the military to save the world.

Man Of Steel is entertaining but my favorite Superman movie is still the original.  That one captures the essence of Superman and it’s a good balance between the action and his daily life as a superhero.  With Man Of Steel, there’s not enough emotional scenes where we really appreciate Superman as a savior.  He saves people but in the scope of the movie, it’s easily forgotten because of too many flashbacks.

When there’s action, Snyder does a great job.  He tries to use as less CG as possible.  Real buildings and cars get destroyed.  Hans Zimmer haunting score is phenomenal and it’s the best part of the movie.  His score just adds so much epicness to Man Of Steel.

Man Of Steel is the second best Superman movie but nowhere close to being the best.

Presentation for this blu-ray is very impressive.  The video transfer is amazing.  The best I’ve seen for  a live action movie.  I’m more impressed with live action movies on blu-ray compared to CG because there’s more room for mistakes.  Details like the Kent’s old porch and Superman’s suit can be clearly seen without pixelization or softness on a 55 inch screen.  Audio transfer is also great.  It’s presented in DTS -HD lossless and the surrounds are used from the opening scene and all the way to the end of the movie.  It makes the movie experience so much better.   Man Of Steel is demo worthy.

There’s plenty of extras on this 2 disc blu-ray set.  The extras on the first disk are short but informative.  It includes the fun 50th Superman anniversary animated short highlight clip.  It also has the history of Superman and they myths behind it.  On the 2nd disc is where the major extras are at.  It’s an in movie featurette where the full length movie is played and cast and crew discuss the movie along with behind the scenes footage.  It’s extensive and it shows us the hard and creative decisions made for the movie.  I wish there were chapters for this behind the scenes look but overall, it’s one of the best.

Man Of Steel isn’t a perfect movie but it’s fun and definitely worth owning on blu-ray because the presentation is perfect and the extras are top notch.

Grade: A

pixel Blu Ray Review: Man Of Steel

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