Blu-Ray Review: Pixar’s Wreck-It-Ralph

wreck01 Blu Ray Review: Pixars Wreck It Ralph


An animated film based on video games? No way, but here it is. Wreck-It-Ralph is a quirky film by Disney about an Arcade character named Ralph, whom after 30 years as a villain, decides that he wants to be a good guy like his opposite, Felix. But, in order to become a “good guy,” Ralph needs a Gold Medal. So, begins his journey. Against the rules, Ralph jumps into different video games to attain his Medal. Other characters get involved in the mix, and try to follow him, including his opposite, Felix.

The film is fun and entertaining, and full of video game references, new and old. The game where Ralph belongs to is similar to Donkey Kong. There are also cameo appearances by very popular characters, like Bowser and such. The storyline is fairly predictable, but this film is about the little moments. The little moments when you go “haha, I got that joke because I played that game 20 years ago!”

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The video quality is superb. There is nothing for me to complain about. The picture is consistently very clean and crisp, but smooth at the same time, which is important to keep the movie from looking too “digital.” I didn’t notice any of the dreaded edge-enhancements, and the colors are perfectly balanced, with the blacks being very dark. Disney’s blu-ray transfers have been top-notch lately, but this is the best one yet.

wreck05 Blu Ray Review: Pixars Wreck It Ralph

Audio Quality: A+

The audio quality for Wreck-It-Ralph is just as good as the video quality. The 7.1 audio track really brings the film’s great sound design to life. From the old-school arcade’s midi sound to the newer 3D sound effects, the sound design catches every atmospheric detail, and uses the speakers very well, including the backs. The dialogue is crisp and clear consistently throughout the film, so there’s no need to turn the volume up and down.

wreck04 Blu Ray Review: Pixars Wreck It Ralph

Extras: C+

Extra Features consist of:

– Paperman: Theatrical Short – a fun short presented in both 3D and 2D on two different discs.
– Bit by Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It-Ralph
– Alternate & Deleted Scenes
– Video Game Commercials – A fun little feature showcasing the commercials for “Fix-It-Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty, and Fix-It-Felix Hammer.”
– Disney Intermission – Chris Hardwick talks about the little hidden gems within the film. It’s about 10-minutes long, and can be amusing.
– Sneak Peeks – Monsters University, The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mulan 1 & 2, Return to Never Land, Super Buddies, and Radio Disney Ads.

wreck02 Blu Ray Review: Pixars Wreck It Ralph

Overall: A-

Overall, I highly recommend Wreck-It-Ralph, especially for fans of retro gaming. But, even if you’ve never played the original Mario or Donkey Kong Jr., this film should still entertain, as it is more about Ralph, and his journey to attaining happiness. Whatever that may be.

pixel Blu Ray Review: Pixars Wreck It Ralph

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