Blu-Ray Review: Transformers Prime Season 2!

The good folks at Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios are ready to roll out the second season of Transformers Prime out on Blu-Ray, November 27th 2012. Spanning 4 discs (and approx. 10 hours!) the second season of Transformers Prime (Rated TV Y7) contains all 26 episodes of this truly remarkable animated series. There is also some really special bonus content that will be sure to spark interest and excitement with both fans young and old!

0191 Blu Ray Review: Transformers Prime Season 2!

022 Blu Ray Review: Transformers Prime Season 2!

Season 2 picks up right where the first season ended. The great threat of Unicron is vanquished, but a whole new set of problems threaten to tear the Autobots and their human friends apart. Will the Decepticons prove successful? I’m keeping mum, but I will say this, season 2 is out of control amazing and has a shocking season finale. (Shocking season finales are the best!)

I quite like Transformers Prime. Hasbro Studios has produced a top notch show. The animation is crisp and clear. The transformation sequences of the Autobots and Decepticons are really cool. There are always fantastic action/fight scenes. I also enjoy the human element as well. Of course I haven’t touched upon the story. Season 2 contains a sprawling narrative that features stand alone episodes as well as a bigger story that plays throughout the season. This animated series is great because the story is compelling for adults but also entertaining for younger folks. The show also features many different characters from the Transformers mythos. I particularly love how the show treats Arcee; she is given a bigger role than in other forms of media and it is nice to see a female Autobot given so much material. The show is a perfect bit of something old while bringing something new to the Transformers universe.

Bonus features include a very nice interview by Larry King with Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) from this year’s San Diego Comic Con (funny and informative.) There are also some interviews with the creative team. The creative interview was short but highly informative. It was nice to see the creators talk about their love for the show and the process for getting the season together. This is yet another reason why Shout! Factory knows how to really make a Blu-Ray disc set work.

Transformers Prime Season 2 is already out on DVD, but the Blu-Ray version will be out on November 27th 2012. I recommend adding this set to your collection today! With 4 discs containing all 26 episodes and some bonus features, it is perfect for longtime fans and even new ones.

A+ Great series, fantastic animation, all around a great second season of Transformers Prime. I look forward to what happens in the next season. Get this on Blu-Ray!

pixel Blu Ray Review: Transformers Prime Season 2!

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