Blu-Ray Review: Trollhunter

trollhunter Blu Ray Review: Trollhunter

Trollhunter is a Norwegian movie that’s similar to Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield’s camerawork.  It’s shot handheld with a “camcorder” and everything is scene through the cameraman’s point of view.  While the American movies focused on the mystery and vagueness of their subjects, Trollhunter isn’t afraid to show the giant creatures clearly.  In the beginning of the movie, 3 journalists are investigating mysterious bear deaths in the beautiful and scenic Norway.  They suspect one hunter is the culprit for all the killings but as they dig deeper, the journalists find out that human eating giant trolls actually exist. 

The movie has a cool premise but it was about 20 minutes too long.  The backstory for the creatures are interesting and the government coverup was a nice touch.  But in the end, the filmmakers didn’t know how to tie all the loose ends together.  The trolls can be clearly seen and the special effects is pretty bad.  It would’ve been more effective if they showed more “mysterious” shots because the trolls didn’t look believable. 

This movie got a lot of hype on the internet but I can’t figure out what’s so special about it.  The best part was the first hour, after that, it gets repetitive.

Grade: C+

The movie is presented in 1080p.  Since the source is suppose to be from a camcorder, the colors aren’t vibrant.  There’s also some mosquito noise, especially during the night scenes.  It’s a clear video transfer and I’m sure the filmmakers intended it to look amateurish.
Grade: B

The track is in DTS-HD and this is demo worthy.  The thuds you feel as the trolls are chasing the characters is impressive.  It’s really deep and controlled.  I had to turn down the volume because I was watching it at night and the room was shaking.  Also the surround noises like branches cracking and winds howling creates a tense atmosphere.  The track is in Norwegian with english subtitles. 
Grade: A

The movie has more than enough extras to please the fans.  They are:

– Deleted & extended scenes

–  Bloopers

– Behind the scenes

– Visual effects

– Photo gallery

– HDNet: Look At Trollhunter

Out of all the extras, behind the scenes was the best featurette.  It was about 25 minutes long and documents how the movie was shot and the creative decisions behind it.  I wish there was commentary from the filmmakers.
Grade: B+

Trollhunter has a great concept that falters in the end.  The Norwegian movie has impressive locations and the story behind the trolls were interesting.  This is worth a rental.  I’d rank it 2nd for this type of movie with Cloverfield being 1st and Blair Witch third.
Overall Grade: B (not an average)

pixel Blu Ray Review: Trollhunter

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