Blu-ray Ultimate Collector’s Edition Review: Elf

elf collectors Blu ray Ultimate Collectors Edition Review: Elf

Elf (directed by Jon Favreau) is a story about a human named Buddy (Will Farrell) raised by Elves. He decides to look for his father (James Caan), but is disappointed when his father turns out to be a total workaholic. Along the way, Buddy meets some interesting people including the fake Santa played by Artie Lange, and an “elf” at his father’s office meeting. This is a Christmas movie, and has something for both adults and kids, but more-so for the adults.

Video – The video quality is good, actually it’s better than I expected since it’s a comedy. For the most part, the picture quality looks nice and clean, but there are occasional blurs on certain scenes, but I’m not sure if it’s from the source or the transfer. The colors are well-balanced, and the city looks great in all its Christmas glory. Overall, the quality is good, and does bring more value to the film.
Video: B

Elf 3lg Blu ray Ultimate Collectors Edition Review: Elf

Audio – The audio is well-balanced, and it utilizes the surround effects very well. The dialogue is crisp and clear, and feels separated from the background noise.
Audio: B

Elf 1lg Blu ray Ultimate Collectors Edition Review: Elf

Extras – Very nice features includes:
– Audio Commentaries – by director, John Favreau and Will Farrell in different tracks
– Production Featurettes – explores the various aspects of the film, including the animation.
– Kid-Friendly Featurettes – these are mainly for the kids such as interviews with other kids and such about Christmas.
– Deleted/Alternate Sscenes – as usual, almost meaningless but still somewhat funny.
– Elf Karaoke
– Trivia Track
– Focus Points
– Trailer
Extras: B

The Gift Pack (Ultimate Blu-ray edition) – Aside from the Blu-ray, it came with a nice Tin Can (my favorite) with Buddy on the front. It also comes with a Christmas sock, frame magnet, and Christmas label stickers.
Gift Pack: C

elf Blu ray Ultimate Collectors Edition Review: Elf

Overall – I had a great time re-watching this film. The gift pack is worth the extra for somebody that likes collecting things. However, for me, the Blu-ray itself will do.
Overall: B

pixel Blu ray Ultimate Collectors Edition Review: Elf

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