Blu-ray Review: Just Go With It (Adam Sandler)

Just Go With It Cover Blu ray Review: Just Go With It (Adam Sandler)

Just Go With It (what a terrible title) is the latest from the Adam Sandler hit factory, assembled by committee and lacking a heart or pulse. Just Go With It wastes a decent cast (including Jennifer Aniston) and an OK premise as it drowns in too-few laughs and mean-spirited gags at the expense of the movie’s heavy or non-White characters. There’s a meanness to the movie and the fact that Sandler’s character is such an annoying sexist that the comedy elements are hard to enjoy, such as they are.

Just Go With It is about a doctor named Danny (played by Adam Sandler, whose pathetic humor is well past his sell by date) who meets the girl of his dreams. She thinks he is married (due to reasons to dumb to discuss) and uses his assistant played by Jennifer Aniston and her kids as his pretend ex-wife and family. The movie ends up in Hawaii and at least Hawaii looks terrific, though its hard to make Hawaii look anything less than that. Nicole Kidman (slumming for no laughs) and Dave Matthews (huh) pop up as an annoying couple late in the film for no good reason. The blu ray has some nice extras and the picture and audio are top-notch, but that makes the affair all the more depressing. There are deleted scenes, 2 commentaries, a gag real, and some short behind the scenes features.

Skip Just Go With It and save up to book your own trip to Hawaii instead. Overlong at 116 minutes, mostly laugh-free and pathetic, I couldn’t wait for this thing to end. Instead of Go With It, a better title would have been Shut It Off.


pixel Blu ray Review: Just Go With It (Adam Sandler)

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