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Avengers was a critical and box office success that I found to be overrated.  Don’t get me the wrong, the movie was entertaining but it would’ve been better if there was internal conflict amongst the superheroes.  What worked well was the ape like Hulk smashing everything in its path and the sense of humor from Captain America and Thor.  In this epic tale, emo villain, Loki, tries to take over Earth.  The superheroes consisting of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye are recruited by military leader Nick Fury to stop the assault by Loki and his cronies.  I didn’t forget about Black Widow, I just can’t put her in the category as a superhero.  Maybe a hero but nothing super about her besides Scarlett Johansson’s bad acting.

The movie gets better as it slowly chugs along the first 45 minutes.  To his credit, director Joss Whedon tries to give each superhero screen time.  I wish they focused more on Cap since he’s the leader in the comics but this felt more like a Tony Stark movie.  The last 30 minutes with the New York battle is the best part because Hulk finally goes berserk and there’s some cool team ups between the superheroes.

It’s far from being the best superhero movie of all time but the Avengers is worth watching because of all the superheroes involved.  The chemistry of the actors is great and it’s obvious they had fun making this movie.

Presentation wise, Disney has done a superb job again.  Video is really clear and while the 3D was post converted, I still enjoyed it more than its 2D counterpart.  Whedon did a good job converting this movie as debris and arrows fly right at you.  It looks natural and sharp.  The 2D version is no slouch either and it’s really clear.  I just prefer the 3D version more because of the immersive experience.  Audio is excellent!  The sound details they put into this movie is impressive.  Case in point, Tony Stark’s voice when he’s inside the Iron Man suit.  There’s bass behind it and he sounds robotic.  The center channel is clear and the surround is put to good use, especially with spaceships whizzing by and explosions all over the movie.

The extras is on the short side for the biggest movie of 2012 but it’s informative and entertaining none the less.  The best is a commentary track by director Joss Whedon.  I love this because he’s funny and doesn’t take the movie too seriously. He also makes fun of himself which is great.  There’s a fun short movie about 2 characters finding a gadget from outer space.  There are also deleted scenes but I can see why they didn’t make it in the final cut.  Then there’s  a music video by Soundgarden.

The presentation of the movie bumped up the score for this blu-ray set.  Keep in mind that the 3D version also comes with digital copy and a code for the soundtrack.  Since Disney gives you a better value with the 3D set, I suggest getting this version if you have a 3D setup.  The movie is fun but lacked drama to make it the best superhero movie of all time.  Still a fun movie none the less and worth watching.

Overall Grade: B+

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