Blu-ray Review: Blackthorn

blackthorn blu ray Blu ray Review: Blackthorn

What if Butch Cassidy was still alive? Well, he’d be a rancher in Bolivia. At least, this is how the story unfolds in Blackthorn. Actual DNA tests showed that the burial where they thought Butch Cassidy was buried isn’t of Butch Cassidys’. Where and what happened to Butch Cassidy if he isn’t in his grave?

Butch Cassidy is now a rancher in Bolivia, some 20 years later after his supposed death. He is surrounded by quiet and emptiness within the beautiful countryside of Bolivia. All he has to worry is his Bolivian girlfriend, and all his horses. But, he’s thinking of seeing his son, whom he’s never met. The only connection they have is through his letters.

Everything is fine and dandy, until one day, he meets a Spaniard named Eduardo Apodaca. One circumstance led to another until he befriends Apodaca, and decides to help him with his loot. Blacktorn’s quiet days are over.

The film is very beautiful. The cinematography is simply amazing, the combination of wet greens and crispy white sands are very pleasing to watch. But be patient, as the flow of the film is a bit slow. This isn’t an all-out action flick, in fact, it’s the opposite, most of the main characters are carefully crafted and well developed.
Movie Itself: B

The transfer for Blackthorn is very good, the scenes look crisp, and without any obvious digital artifacts. The colors are excellent, the greens and the whites are amazingly distinguished. The cinematographer uses a lot of whites, in fact, the first scene is of a white sky. Magnolia did a great job with the video transer, the details are amazing, on the horses, the outfits, the landscapes, they are all there for you to enjoy. The grains you see are intentional, it gives the movie a “film” look.

If not for the story, I would recommend this film for the cinematography alone. Great transfer.
Video Quality: A

The audio transfer is good, but not without faults. The background noise, even at the slightest is very well done. It’s not distracting, and not obvious, as it shouldn’t be. It is very subtle. The dialogue, however, seems unbalanced at times, it would go up and down throughout the film. This isn’t so much a big deal, as the range doesn’t change too harshly from one tip to the next. It’s a slight drop-off or a raise from time to time. Again, not a big deal. The overall transfer is very crisp and solid, it doesn’t break up, and it won’t break your speakers. Good overall transfer but with minor range issues.
Audio Quality: B

Deleted Scenes (2.35:1; 1080p/24; 00:22:24)
Making of Blackthorn (2.35:1; 00:10:27)
Short Films by Director Mateo Gil: Breaking and Entering and Say Me
HDNet: A Look at Blackthorn (1.78:1; 1080i/60; 00:04:57)
Blackthorn Trailer (2.35:1; 1080p/24; DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1)

The Extras are pretty good, but could be better. I do wish it has a Director’s Commentary.
Extras: C


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