Blu-ray Review: Butterfly Effect

butterfly Blu ray Review: Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher from “That 70’s Show” fame plays a serious role in the time travel movie “Butterfly Effect.”  The result is a surprising emotional love story with a sci-fi backdrop.  The story reminds me of Twilight Zone episodes.  Kutcher is Evan, college student who had black outs when he was a kid.  He starts reading his journal and finds a way to time travel.  By traveling back to the past, he fixes the problems that he has in the present.  The coolest part of the story is that whatever he fixes in the past has an effect in the present.  So what he thought was a solution might cause to be a bigger problem in the long run.  It’s a well done movie with a very cool premise.  Even with the time jumps, Butterfly Effect is really easy to follow.

Amy Smart plays the female friend of Evan, Kayleigh.  At first it seems like Evan is a bit selfish with his agenda but as the movie progresses, we are told that Kayleigh might be the reason why Evan is time traveling.  Underneath the sci fi premise, Butterfly Effect is a fairytale story.  It shows us what Evan will do for love and the sacrifice he’ll make so Kayleigh will have a happier future.

The director’s cut is also presented on this disc and I prefer this over the theatrical.

Grade: A-

The blu-ray is a catalog release from Warner Brothers.  Most of these video transfers are soft but this one was great.  The picture is sharp and the colors are vibrant.  The audio is also superb with plenty of weird sound effects whizzing by the surrounds.

All the the extras from the DVD version has been ported to this blu-ray including behind the scenes featurette, 2 alternate endings.  All extras are 480p standard definition.  There’s also a commentary by the filmmaker.

Butterfly Effect is an underrated movie that deserves to be watched.  The movie has a really cool premise and it’s well done.

Grade: A

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