Blu-Ray Review: Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings

Disney is ready to release an all new Tinker Bell film from the hugely successful Fairies franchise. Secret of the Wings (out on October 23, 2012 and rated G) brings Tinker Bell and her friends (Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, and Vidia) back for an all new adventure. For the first time in High Definition, Tinker Bell travels from Pixie Hollow to the mysterious and off limits Winter Woods. While in the Winter Woods, Tinker Bell meets her sister and an entire new world full of interesting characters. Secret of the Wings introduces a new Fairy named Periwinkle. She knows the all important ‘secret of the wings’, and together with Tinker Bell, they both end up on quite the adventure to save Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods!

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Secret of the Wings is a wonderful addition to the Fairies films. The film adds to the overall mythos of the Fairies and after a two year absence, it is nice to see the Fairies back in a wonderfully animated film. Each Fairy has screen time and their personalities are true to their core characteristics. Disney has also found a hit with the new Fairy: Periwinkle. I enjoyed the storyline and the bond she forged with Tinker Bell throughout the film. The music and animation was also top notch. The characters, animals, and scenery all looked stunning in High Definition. Fans both young and old will enjoy this latest addition to the Fairies franchise.

There was also some impressive star studded talent from the voice cast. I was thrilled to hear Academy Award® Winner Anjelica Huston as Queen Clarion. Lord Milori was voiced to perfection by Dalton, Timothy Dalton. Lucy Liu (Elementary) voiced Silvermist, Tinker Bell’s sweet and silly friend. The always fabulous Raven-Symoné (That’s So Raven) was Iridessa. Angela Bartys voiced the rambunctious Fawn. Megan Hilty (co-starring with Anjelica Huston on Smash) was the fashionable Rosetta while Pamela Adlon (Californication) voiced the sassy Vidia. Matt Lanter, of 90210 fame, was Sled (who develops a romance with one of the Fairies.) Debby Ryan (Disney Channel’s Jessie) voiced the role of Spike, one of Periwinkle’s friends. Mae Whitman (Parenthood) gave the perfect voice to Tinker Bell while the lovely Lucy Hale (ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars) brought her talents to introduce the brand new Periwinkle.

That is not all though, Secret of Wings is actually full of very interesting factoids that truly make this a special film. Peggy Holmes directed Secret of the Wings and is known for her animation direction on The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning. Another connection to The Little Mermaid is this: the Healing Fairy is voiced by Jodi Benson, who voiced Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Secret of the Wings is also the first Disney Fairies movie to be in 3D, which works really well. The film looks stunning. Also, one other little tidbit that I just adored was that Ken Paves, considered to be the “hottest hairdresser in Hollywood,” actually created Periwinkle’s hair design. I find that to be so fabulous.

Out on a Flitterrific Fairie’s Double Pack, this combo pack features 4 discs (yes, four discs.) Disney knows how to make a combo pack and Secret of the Wings does not disappoint. The first disc is on Blu-Ray, while the second disc is a DVD. The third disc is a digital copy, which comes in handy for those lap tops on road trips. Finally, the fourth disc is a Blu-Ray 3D version of the film.

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As for any bonus features, well… this is a Disney pack we are talking about. Of course there are some really fun extras! The bonus extras are only found on the Blu-Ray and DVD version of the film; they include a Pixie Hollow Games bonus adventure. This 22 minute feature follows sassy Rosetta reluctantly joining the Pixie Hollow Games with fellow Garden Fairy Chloe. It is a nice piece that adds to some fun character development for Rosetta. There is also a music video performed by the McClain Sisters called “Great Divide.” It is a catchy song from the Secret of the Wings and is cut with clips of the film as well. Another music video entitled “Dig Down Deep” is performed by Zendaya and is from Pixie Hollow Games. A Pixie Preview rounds out the bonus features with a clip called Fright Light. There are also other previews of upcoming Fairies and Disney releases too.

Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings is a fun feature film that adds some new characters and mythos to the franchise. The Blu-Ray, DVD, & Digital combo pack packs a powerful punch and is loaded with some nice features. Rated G, this film is suitable for all ages. If available this combo pack also features a nice slip cover with dazzling lenticular cover.

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All in all I think this is a wonderful combo pack to own. Fans of the franchise will love it and it is a great starting off point for new fans as well. And let us not forget all the fun merchandise that is also available to celebrate the film, like dolls, activity books, and fun costumes. For more information on Secret of the Wings, fans should go to for the latest news on Disney Fairies as well as for the latest information on the film. Also be sure to visit and for even more Fairies fun.

Grade: A+

pixel Blu Ray Review: Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings

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