Blu-Ray Review: Doctor Who Season 1 Part 1

drwho Blu Ray Review: Doctor Who Season 1 Part 1

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never seen an episode of Dr. Who before getting this blu-ray.  Dr. Who is about a time traveler and his adventures through different timelines and environments.  The show started in the U.K. and it’s the longest running tv show in the world with a total of 777 episodes and still going strong.  For the past couple of years, the show picked up steam in the U.S. and now has a dedicated fanbase.

The first episode got me confused because it dealt with characters that the audience was already suppose to know.  There’s the Doctor, the alien (I think) time traveler.  He’s kind of emotionless but there’s a sense of affection about him.  Especially in the last scene of Episode 2.  He’s always focused and he might accidentally insult his friends but his heart is in the right place.  A married couple in Rory and Amy are along for the ride.  Amy might be possibly pregnant and that question is raised in several episodes.  Then there’s River Song, Dr Who’s love interest.  She comes and goes throughout the show and she’s also a time traveler.

The characters have good chemistry and carries the weight of the show.  Without the interesting characters, this show would fail miserably because there’s a lot of talking and explanation.  The best way to describe the show to an an American audience is that it’s a combination between X-Files and Sliders (both from Fox).  There’s creepy aliens and alternate universes.  I was surprised how scary some of the episodes were.  I thought it was going to be a light hearted show but some of the images freaked me out.

The big story for the show was the appearance of the Silence, I think they’ll have more roles in future episodes based on cast & filmmakers interview.  Overall, the story was a bit confusing and some of the references go over my head.  There’s also some scientific explanations that I didn’t get but if I watch this show enough, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more.

Dr. Who is an entertaining show and I love the crazy adventures they go through, I just wished I started watching this show earlier.
Grade: B+

Video Quality:
The show is presented in 1080p.  This show isn’t really filtered and relies on pre-process lighting.  Cinematography is darker than most American shows but it’s still really clear.  I don’t know what kind of camera they use in the UK, but it’s crystal clear.  There’s a lot of night shots and I didn’t notice any grain.  Flesh colors looked natural and overall, impressive for a tv show.
Grade: A

Audio Quality:
There’s plenty of sound effects for this show and the audio tracks are presented in DTS HD.  The sound effects are good and uses all of the speakers including the rears.  I can’t really understand the British accents so I had to turn on the subtitles but the center track is good with a balanced channel.
Grade: A-

One featurette discussing the Silence and what they mean to the show.  It’s about ten minutes long  and since I’m new to the show it was really helpful.  No other extras are available.
Grade: C

The 2 disc Blu-Ray set contains 7 episodes and features some crazy adventures by the Doctor and his friends.  There’s not much extras  but the video and audio presentation is really good.  If you’re a hardcore Dr. Who fan, I suggest waiting for the inevitable season 6 box set.  If you’re like me and new to the show, this is worth picking up to see if you’ll be a fan since it’s reasonably cheap.
Overall Grade: B+


pixel Blu Ray Review: Doctor Who Season 1 Part 1

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