Blu-ray Review: Dr. Who – The Sixth Series

seasonsixbluray Blu ray Review:  Dr. Who   The Sixth Series

Dr. Who is a sci-fi, fantasy set in the present/past/future.  Characters from different eras are all co-mingling with each other in time periods other than their own. There’s also aliens and scary monsters.  What the show lacks in special effects, it makes up for in audacity. The storylines are unconventional and while hauntingly familiar at times, still completely like nothing you’ve probably ever seen before.

This season brings back up and coming it girl Karen Gillan in her portrayal of the eleventh doctor’s sidekick Amy Pond. She’s sensitive, caring, loyal, driven and pretty tough yet feminine at the same time. Dr. Who himself is a bit of a conundrum as this season starts out 200 years into his future where Amy Pond witnesses his … well, you’ll just have to watch the show to find out.  Gillan did mention at the 2011 Comic-con that she’s coming back for the seventh series in 2012.

The season focuses on the Silence as they try to take over the world.  We’ve been teased from season 5 about them and season 6 shows their powers and their motivation for world order.

The set contains all 14 episodes of the sixth series.
Grade: B

 Blu ray Review:  Dr. Who   The Sixth Series

The high def video transfer is nice and clean.  The details are impressive and the colors look natural.  While there are some grains in the darker scenes, overall it’s smooth.  BBC did a great job with this transfer.
Grade: A

This is a science fiction show so we hear a lot of sound effects.  Don’t expect the track to be bombastic like Transformers 3 but for a tv show, it certainly impresses.  The track could’ve used more surround but overall, this is an above average audio transfer.  The center channel is clear and the characters are easy to understand.
Grade: B+

The special features include trailers, comic relief sketches (which are like interesting shorts), prequels, additional scenes and commentaries. This is the version to get for Doctor Who hardcore fans.  BBC released part 1 and part 2 of season 6 but for the fans that waited, this is it.  The commentaries are engaging and the short prequels add to the mythology of the show.
Grade: B+

This show is multi-faceted, to say the least, and pretty entertaining if you’re into this kind of thing. Some of the humor gets lost in translation but the weirdness is universal. The video quality, acting, and storylines are all quite engaging.  The special effects are a bit low budget, but not bad for a TV show.  Definitely worth a look.  
Overall Rating: B

pixel Blu ray Review:  Dr. Who   The Sixth Series

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