Blu-ray Review: The Fades Season One BBC

Fades2 Blu ray Review: The Fades Season One BBC

The Fades is a strong series that just ended its first season run on BBC America. This blu-ray set looks and sounds really good and the series itself should appeal strongly to fans of science-fiction, supernatural, and just fans of good dramatic television. The Fades starts a bit slowly but soon gathers strength and becomes a dark, entertaining series that is well worth checking out.

The Fades is about a teenager named Paul who finds out he is special and is plagued by terrifying nightmares. Paul begins seeing spirits of the dead known as Fades. A man named Polus finds a way to be human again and Paul must stop him and save humanity from all the Fades trying to invade our plane of existence. This season one set includes all six episodes and a few nifty extras. The blu-ray picture is sharp and the audio sounds very good as well. The extras include some deleted scenes and interviews with the cast and crew. There are also outtakes and a few short behind the scenes featurettes.

A show like The Fades is clearly not for all tastes but many viewers will find it very enjoyable and addictive. Once you get past a slow start, the series picks up steam and makes the viewer eager to see more. It’s yet another very good BBC series well worth adding to your collection.

Grade: B+

pixel Blu ray Review: The Fades Season One BBC

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