Blu-ray Review: SAW: The Final Chapter

SAW Cover Blu ray Review: SAW: The Final Chapter

SAW began as a low-budget (and pretty well-made) movie many years ago and started the “torture porn” phenomenon that is still around to this day. Torture porn is on the decline and the SAW films have also gone down-hill with time. The soap-opera plots twists, awful acting, and ham-fisted social commentary and morality have become as stale as day old bread. The audience just waits around now for the “traps” created by the long dead robed old man Jigsaw (Tobin Bell, barely trying anymore) and the gory death scenes. SAW: The Final Chapter does have plenty of gore and a few decent traps, but little else to recommend about it. The plotting is confused and non-sensical and the acting gets worse and worse, you’ll be longing for Danny Glover, circa SAW 1.

SAW: The Final Chapter begins with an outdoor trap, inventively staged at least, in front of a big crowd. After that, the movie settles into its ugly visual style and lame plot twists. The main thrust of the story concerns a Jigsaw survivor played by Sean Patrick Flannery (who is awful) who wrote a book on his experience and is profiting from it greatly. The problem is that it never really happened. Jigsaw puts him though a series of trials in a test of survival. Cary Elwes also pops back up as well as a few flashbacks to the original film, which looks better by the moment. The blu-ray picture and sound is decent for such an ugly, low budget movie, and there’s a few extras including commentaries and music videos.

SAW: The Final Chapter has a few decent traps, along with some hilariously bad acting and terrible plotting. In other words, it’s just another day at the SAW franchise. Fans of the series (and you know who you are) should give it a rental, everyone else is safe to just skip SAW: The Final Chapter. Game over.

Grade: C-

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