Blu-Ray Review: Finding Nemo 3D

findingnemo3d Blu Ray Review: Finding Nemo 3D

Finding Nemo is my favorite Pixar film.  The trailers weren’t interesting but when I watched it, I was hooked (get it?).  The tale is about a clown fish named Marlin.  Marlin was carefree but his life was turned upside down when a bigger fish attacked his wife and all their eggs.  Only one egg survived and he names his kid, Nemo.  Because of the tragic event, Merlin is over protective of his son.  Nemo gets caught by a scuba diver and the adventure begins as the father tries to search for his son.

Merlin and Nemo meets gnarly turtles, awkward sharks and other fishes throughout the movie.  None of the characters are villains but some have weaknesses that makes the endeavor tough.   Since it’s a Disney movie, of course it has a happy ending but I loved the message that in the end: you’re your own worst enemy.  I found the morale of the movie something that we can all relate to.  The 3D blu-ray has excellent presentation.  Video and audio is top notch but I was more impressed with the lossless track.  The surrounds were used from beginning to end including water bubbles and explosions.  Thomas Newman’s score also shines and the calm soothing music is a perfect compliment to the visuals onscreen.  Voices are easy to hear and understand.  The video is no joke either.  The colorful and vibrant ocean is beautiful. The ocean has different shades of blue and felt like I was really there!  There’s no color distortion and bleeding.  Video is clear as can be!  I preferred the 2D version over the 3D version because most of the effects didn’t really pop with the glasses.  It felt like it was a gimmick, maybe because everything was just moving so fast that some parts became flat and uneven.  Overall, it’s still good but it’s not the best.

findingnemo638 Blu Ray Review: Finding Nemo 3D

Extras for this disc is plenty.  Although it’s a bummer that majority of it is in standard definition.  Upcoming trailers and deleted scenes are in HD but the well made 30 minutes behind the scenes documentary is in SD.  Besides the documentary, the ocean reef documentary by Jean-Michel Cousteau is engaging and educational.  The art concepts is also cool as the artists talk about lighting and the evolution of the characters.

Finding Nemo 3D is a blu-ray must have for any movie fan.  The movie has heart and characters that are memorable.  Each character is well developed and that leads to a great movie.  The video and audio is top tier and a perfect showcase for your home theater.  Extras are fun and it’s a good experience learning how the movie was made.

Highly recommended.

Grade: A


pixel Blu Ray Review: Finding Nemo 3D

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