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hallpass bluray small Blu Ray Review: Hall Pass

Hall Pass is the latest comedy from the Farrelly Brothers (Something About Mary) starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis.  The premise sounds funny, 2 bored husbands are given permission by their wives to live a single life.  That means they can do whatever they want, including sleeping with other girls, getting drunk and staying up late.  I laughed quite a bit in the movie, even though the ending felt unfinished.

The movie sounds a little bit like Hangover with guys partying and getting out of control but Hall Pass felt a little more like a drama.  In the core of the movie, we’re watching a movie about couples and true love (or lack thereof).  It sounds sappy but there’s crude humor thrown in, including unexpected but funny scenes on the golf course and the sauna.  The characters are engaging enough that you want to know how the story ends.  Coakley (Richard Jenkins) is the ultimate middle aged bachelor that gives the two main characters on picking up women.  He was really funny and I like how the Farrelly Brothers didn’t make him into a cliche’d character.

The conclusion of the movie goes overboard and I wish it was tightened up but overall still worth a watch.  An enjoyable flick.
Grade: B+

The movie is presented in 1080p 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen.  The video is sharp and the colors are vibrant and it’s a clean transfer.  The only drawback was the cinematography, the skin tones look burnt.  I’m thinking this was a creative choice from the directors because one of their movies, Heartbreak Kid  had the same palette.  For a comedy this is an above average transfer.
Grade: B+

This is one of the most aggressive tracks I’ve heard for a comedy.  The audio is presented in DTS HD, it comes fully alive with the nightclub scene.  The bass is deep and I could hear people laughing and talking on the surround channels.  The dialogue is easy to hear and majority come from the center channel.
Grade: B+

The movie is limited in extras, it doesn’t even have trailers.  It comes with a deleted scene featuring Coakley and a gag reel.  I expected at least a commentary track from the Farrelly Brothers because they like to talk and share their experience but it’s not found on this disc.  The blu-ray comes with both the theatrical and extended cut.  I couldn’t really tell which scenes were added, it felt the same to me.  The combo pack also comes with a DVD version (only theatrical) of the film as well as the digital copy.
Grade: C

Hall Pass is a funny movie that has a lot of heart.  The message of the movie is more serious that what the previews want you to believe.  I think this is the main reason why it stands out from other comedies.  Well done Farrelly Brothers!
Overall Grade: B+

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