Blu-ray Review: Hop

hop01 Blu ray Review: Hop

Hop is a story of a bunny named E.B., he is the son of the Easter Bunny but wants none of his father’s business. He decides to hop over through a hole into Hollywood where he can achieve his dream of becoming a drummer for a band.

The Movie Itself

Hop is from the creators of Despicable Me, but is nothing like Despicable Me, unfortunately. It falls flat on most angle, maybe not if you are a child.  There’s fun in Hop for the less judgemental group. The characters can be appealing to the kids, like the rapping yellow chicks. And, Easter is coming, so the Blu-ray can be a good gift for the little ones.

The Movie Itself: C-

Video Quality

Just like the story, the Video Quality for Hop is slightly disappointing. There’s a lot of noise throughout the run, grains to be exact. However, for the most part, the noises are bearable, but there are occasional scenes with very obvious flaws. The colors are nice enough, not perfect, but good. Most of the scenes are still consistently sharp. This isn’t a terrible transfer, it’s just not consistent with most of today’s Blu-ray releases. But, as I mentioned above, a child wouldn’t care either way.

Video Quality: B-

hop04 Blu ray Review: Hop

Audio Quality

The best way to describe the Audio Quality is, normal. It isn’t like The Three Musketeers, which had an awesome track, but it holds itself fine. The dialogues are mostly sharp and well-balanced. Background noises are distinct and also well-done. But, there are occasions where certain dialogues will distinctly stand out from the rest of the sound, which feels unnatural. But overall, it’s a decent audio track.

Audio Quality: B

hop02 Blu ray Review: Hop


The extras are short on….extras. It consists of short segments. The longest feature is 9 minutes long. Here are some of the features:

– The World of Hop
– Phil’s Dance Party
– Russell Brand: Being the Bunny
– Russell Brand’s Kid Crack Ups
– Carlos on Carlos
– Emotion in Motion: The Dance of Ken Daurio
– Games

The Games can be fun, but short nonetheless.

Extras: C

hop03 Blu ray Review: Hop


Hop is a  bit disappointing overall. The Video and Audio qualities are good, but not in par with most of today’s expectations. As empty as the story is, there should still be an appeal for the film, especially that Easter is getting close. I would recommend renting for the kids.

Overall: C




pixel Blu ray Review: Hop

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