Blu-Ray Review: Invisible Target

invisible target2 Blu Ray Review: Invisible Target

Invisible Target is a Hong Kong flick trying too hard to be serious for its own good.  Instead of focusing on the action, the filmmakers decided build depth behind the characters and it becomes 30 minutes too long.  The movie is about 3 cops who must team up to take down a band of mercenary robbers.  Director Benny Chan (New Police Story) tries to have a serious story but it doesn’t work because of the absurd but impressive action scenes.   Out of the 3 good guys, Nicholas Tse (The Promise) impressed me with the attitude he brought to his character.  He’s cocky but still likable and his fight scenes are well choreographed.  Just like most modern HK movies, the cinematography is very clean and well polished.  The movie is worth watching for the action scenes alone.

While some parts of the movies look good because of the stylish cinematography, I noticed a lot of edge enhancements and mosquito noise during the night scenes.  Although there’s some issues with the video, the daytime scenes looked vibrant and sharp.  Companies usually have problems converting HK movies because of the original source and this is no exception.
Video: B-

The audio is presented in its original lossless Cantonese DTS-HD and 5.1 Dolby Digital.  The lossless track has a problem with a slight delay compared to the video and it made me wonder if it was dubbed.  But after checking it several times and comparing it to the 5.1 DD, I noticed that it was a problem with the synchronization.  The lossless track gave my sub a good workout since there were so many gun battles and fight scenes.  The movie also offers a 5.1 Dolby Digital english but I suggest watching the 5.1 Cantonese track and turning on the subtitles.  The English track isn’t bad but it just doesn’t feel natural.
Audio: B-

This disc has a lot of extras for catalog title:
– Audio commentary with actors Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yue, Andy on and Hong Kong film expert Bey Logan
– Orchestrated Mayhem: The Making of Invisible Target
– Deleted / extended scenes
– Featurette’s: Fight for the Glory: Constructing the Action Sequences for Invisible Target
-Storyboard Concepts
– Invicible Target: Leading Villain Wu Jing
– Licensed To Kill: Shawn Yue
– Like Father, Like Son: Jaycee Chan

My favorite extra had to be Orchestrated Mayhem. The extra was almost 30 minutes long and showed the real stunt work done by the actors.  It was also entertaining to hearing Benny Chan compare American and HK’s stunt work.  The interviews by the main actors is pretty good and they talk about the process of making a kick ass action flick.  You can tell they were really proud of their work.
Extras: A

Overall:   Invisible Target is an action movie that has good stunts and nice choreography.  While the story gets lost once in  a while, it’s still worth watching for the action scenes.  The A/V presentation could’ve been a little better but it’s still worth an upgrade over the DVD if you’re a big fan.  The extras were surprisingly deep and I enjoyed it.
Overall: B

pixel Blu Ray Review: Invisible Target

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