Blu-ray Review: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

jiro dreams 01 Blu ray Review: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a compelling documentary about a renowned sushi chef in Japan. His name is Sukiyabashi Jiro, and he is obsessed with perfecting the art of Sushi making. “There is always room for improvement.”

If you like Sushi, this documentary will make you hungry. The cinematography is very clean and precise, it seems to represent Jiro’s very disciplined lifestyle. The film does not only focus on Jiro himself, it also focuses on his sons, and the seafood merchants that Jiro works with. The quality of the seafood has to be premium to begin with. As shown in the documentary, the process from picking the right fish to the finished sushi on a plate is very meticulous. Reservation for his small restaurant has to be made one month in advance, and can cost at least $350.

The documentary is a good insight into the life of a perfectionist, a person who expects the same from his sons and his workers. It takes ten years for an apprentice to become a qualified Sushi chef.

jiro dreams of sushi 2 Blu ray Review: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The video quality is excellent. It’s very crisp and clean. The colors are intentionally muted, but looks natural, and fits the personality of the character and the pacing of the story. The very clear close-ups of the Sushis are superbly appetizing. The film’s setting isn’t limited to Mr. Jiro’s very clean restaurant. The beautiful scenery takes the viewers into the streets and through the seafood markets of Japan.

The audio quality is good, The conversations are clear, and easy to understand. The background noises, such as water drippings and pots boiling, are distinguished. The audio is in Japanese, with English and Spanish subtitles.

Jiro’s dedication and love for his craft is inspiring, and should be a lesson to how one can achieve greatness through dedication and hard work. No shortcuts. He is also honest about his shortcomings as a father due to his passion for making Sushi. I highly recommend this fun little documentary. But, make sure to watch it with a full stomache!

Grade: A

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