Blu-ray Review: Lion King 1 1/2

lionkinghalf Blu ray Review: Lion King 1 1/2

Lion King 1 1/2 is a direct to video follow up to um….Lion King.  The movie focuses on Timon & Pumbaa this time around.  It shows how they first met and what they were doing before, during and after they met Simba.  The movie felt like a weekday cartoon with cheap gags that kids will definitely enjoy.  There are some funny moments as the filmmakers make light of some epic scenes from the original.  I didn’t like the tongue in cheek humor.  Timon & Pumbaa were funny in Lion King because they were goofy.  In this semi sequel, they’re just non-stop smart aleck.  What’s worse is that they’re watching the flashbacks through a jungle home theater.  I wouldn’t even consider this movie in the Lion King mythology because it’s totally different from the theatrical release.

Grade: C-

If I didn’t know about the straight to video release, I would’ve thought this movie just came out in theaters recently.  The video is that impressive on HD.    The colors are lush, especially the light blue lakes and the dark green jungles.  There’s no edge enhancement and the transfer is perfect from start to finish.
Grade: A

While the audio can’t compete with the original, it’s still not bad.  The surprisingly aggressive track is presented in DTS-HD 5.1.  The LFE is lacking a bit and the overall sounds a bit weaker that theatrically released animated movies but the soundstage is still clear and the surround is used frequently.
Grade: B

There are 7 short extras but overall they’re just meh.

The longest is the 12 minute deleted scenes with the filmmakers.  There’s also a behind the scene featurette as well as a music video and short info on African animals.
Grade: C

I didn’t like the approach to Lion King 1 1/2.  It ruins the first movie a little bit because the jokes are just so juvenile.  While there are some funny parts, most adults will groan at the jokes while kids might enjoy the colorful animation and songs.
Grade: C (not an average)

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