Blu-Ray Review: Lion King 2 – Simba’s Pride

lionking2 Blu Ray Review: Lion King 2   Simbas Pride

Lion King 2 is a better sequel than Lion King 1 1/2.  Part two actually focuses on Simba and his female cub, Kiara.  Simba has understandably become over protective of Kiara.  She doesn’t want him to make the same mistake he did in the original movie.  Kiara accidentally meets up with an exiled male cub, Kovu.  He’s from a pride belonging to Scar’s lineage.  The introduction of the new pride was the worst part of the movie.  They were just created to make the plotline move forward.   So anyways, there’s a bit of Romeo & Juliet tale and of course the two young lions start hanging out and falling for each other.  The movie actually has a good message and the songs are decent.  The animation is nowhere as good as the original but what do you expect for a straight to video movie?  The movie is entertaining but somewhat predictable.
Grade: B

Disney always does a great job with video transfers and this movie continues their trend.  The colors are bright and the backgrounds pop.  For a 14 year old movie, there’s no signs of artifacts or grains.  Just like the previous Lion King movies, it looks like this was just recently released at theaters.
Grade: A

The movie is presented in DTS-HD lossless track.  The sound design sounds wider than Lion King 1 1/2 but not as good as the original.  The bass has a good thud to it and the center channel is clear.  There’s nothing to complain about with this track.
Grade: A

Since this was a direct to video release, it’s understandable that there’s not much behind the scenes footage.  I have to give it to Disney though for at least trying and still giving several extras including Timon & Pumbaa’s educational short videos, a music video, another short behind the scenes look of the movie and a cool segment on kites in Africa.
Grade: C+

Lion King 2 is a WAAAYYY better sequel thank Lion King 1 1/2.  The story is solid and the it actually moves the franchise forward.  The presentation is awesome and while the extras could’ve been better, at least Disney didn’t give us a barebones release.
Overall grade: B+ (not an average)

pixel Blu Ray Review: Lion King 2   Simbas Pride

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