Blu-Ray Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D

Monsters, Inc., might be the most underrated Pixar flick to date.  While it grossed a whole bunch of money and loved by critics, fans don’t really mention Monsters as one of their favorite Pixar movie.  After watching it again, it’s easy to see why.  The synopsis sounds predictable with 2 monsters: big blue hairy Jake and the small one eyed Zakowski taking care of a human toddler named Boo.

Jake and his long time pal, Zakowski works at Monstropolis scaring little kids in the human world.  Sounds mean but they do to keep the city’s energy going.  The louder the kid yells, the more they generate energy for Monstropolis.  In a fun twist, the Monsters are as afraid of the kids.  Myths and stories have been spread that kids may contain viruses and messes up Monstropolis if the monsters ever have in contact with them.

monsters Blu Ray Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D

When the cute little girl, Boo, accidentally enters Monstropolis, it’s up to Jake and Zakowski to take care of her.  In fear they’ll get fired from their jobs, they selfishly hide Boo from the other monsters.  As they try to find a way to bring Boo back to the real world, they realize that Boo is just as normal as they are and they’re really hurting the kids by scaring them.

For an animated movie, this definitely beats live action dramas with its underlying theme of ignorance and misunderstanding.  The movie has enough funny moments to make the tone enjoyable but there’s one really sad scene at the end.

monsters inc Blu Ray Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D
The video is presented in 3D HD with a 1.85:1 ratio.  Since this was released in the theaters for  a limited time in late 2012 and cleaned up, the video is perfect!  For an 11 year old flick (can’t believe it’s been that long), the video transfer can pass as a newly released movie.  Colors are vivid and clear.  The 3d effects pop and I didn’t get cross eyed.  Jake’s cool light blue fur naturally stands out and separates easily from the background.

Audio is presented in DTS-HD 7.1.  The previous release was only a paltry (joking)….5.1.  The surround is used constantly  and bass has a surprisingly good thump.  The soundstage is always active but it doesn’t feel forced.  Presentation is superb!

monsters inc alt Blu Ray Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D

The set comes with a bunch of extras including a new short Partysaurus Rex.  There’s also a fun commentary by the filmmakers, tour of the Pixar studio and behind the scenes featurette.   Some of the extras were transferred from the old DVD and presented in SD.  I wish it was in HD but it’s probably never going to happen as they were shot in SD back in 2001.  Overall, the extras are extensive and there’s more than enough to cover all aspects of the movies including marketing and the premiere.

Monsters, Inc. has a simple plot on the surface but underneath it, is a deep movie with great storytelling.  The presentation is excellent with the awesome 3D video and lively soundstage.  Extras are detailed and worth a look for any movie fan.  This is another masterpiece from Pixar.

Grade: A

pixel Blu Ray Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D

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