Blu-Ray Review: The Muppets

muppets Blu Ray Review: The Muppets

Disney should do more movies like “The Muppets” instead of big budget dull action movies like “Prince Of Persia” and “John Carter.”  With the two latter movies, they try to make it epic with special effects but in the end, the movies are lifeless and boring.  With the “Muppets”  they take the casual approach.  The real life actors are having a blast and the writing is witty.  But it does run about 20 minutes too long with a 2 hour run time. 

The Muppets crew must rescue their old theater before Tex Richman (get it?) starts drilling black gold in it.  With the help of 3 fans, they start assembling the Muppets back together so they can put on a show and raise enough money not to sell the theater to the villain.

Chris Cooper as the bad guy was the highlight of the movie.  He cherishes the bad guy role and his overacting is funny.  The songs are catchy enough that both adults and kids will enjoy the movie.  With all the inside jokes, I think adults will enjoy this movie more than kids.
Grade: B+

The movie is bright with no filters used that’s popular with today’s movies.  It’s really clear and sometimes you can tell it’s shot at a studio.  I’m sure this is intentional to pay homage to the old tv shows.  Just like with other Disney transfer this one is top notch.  The movie really pops and makes me appreciate the technology that is blu-ray.
Grade: A

The audio isn’t as great the video.  The center channel is a bit low.  For a movie with a lot of musical numbers, the center needs to be balanced properly so certain scenes won’t be surprisingly loud.  The use of the rear speakers is well designed and I can hear the chorus from the music scenes.  To fully enjoy the track, make sure to turn up your center channel by 1 or 2 decibels.  Besides that, the rest of the track is superb.
Grade: B+

Disney is giving Muppets fans a treat with the extra feature which includes a commentary by cast & crew, behind the scenes look, deleted scenes, blooper reel, longer Tex Richman song and the trailer spoofs. 

The trailer spoofs are the best.  They’re all funny, the Green Lantern and Girl With Dragon Tattoo versions are the best.  I like how tongue in cheek it is and simple the jokes are, yet it’s so witty. 
Grade: A

While the story is simple and the dance numbers are fun, I think adults will enjoy The Muppets more because of the humor.  The presentation is good and the extras are entertaining.
Overall grade: B+

pixel Blu Ray Review: The Muppets

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