Blu-ray Review: The Three Musketeers

three03 Blu ray Review: The Three Musketeers

This is a re-telling of Alexander Dumas’ classic of the same title, however, it is not like the others. This must be the fanciest and loudest Three Musketeers movie ever made.

– The Movie Itself

To say that The Three Musketeers is over-the-top is an understatement. The movie is bright, fast-paced, lots of cool stunts, and with no story whatsoever. The story is obviously given a secondary role by director Paul Anderson. The main role belongs to the action sequences, taking influence from The Matrix, Indiana Jones, and maybe John Woo films. The acting isn’t bad, it’s almost lazy, but it fits the mood of the film. Three Musketeers is a very shallow film, but it’s fun nonetheless.
The Movie Itself: C

three01 Blu ray Review: The Three Musketeers

– Video Quality

This is where the Blu-ray truly shines. The picture quality is superb. Sometimes I wonder if the greatness of the video quality helped elevate my opinion of the movie itself. Either way, it worked. The frames are clear and crisp, full of details from the wonderful sets of the film. There are no blurriness or bending. The colors are well-balanced, and the tones are naturally smooth. A great transfer. It could very well be the best that I’ve seen.
Video Quality: A+

– Audio Quality

The audio quality is also superb. I’m glad, as there are lots of loud action sequences in the film. The separation and distribution of the sound is fantastic. Even when the film is very loud, the crisp dialogue still comes through. The little background noises are noticeable too, and really adds depth to the film. Great audio quality, it fits especially for an action extravagant film.
Audio Quality: A

three02 Blu ray Review: The Three Musketeers

– Extras

The extra features are good, we get an Audio Commentary by the director, Paul Anderson and the Producers. Also, we get a picture-in-picture feature about the behind-the scenes process of the making of the film in certain scenes, very informational. We also get to see 15 minutes worth of Deleted Scenes. Overall, a pretty satisfying Extra Features.
Extras: B

– Overall

The weakest point of the film is the storyline. Fortunately for us, the action scenes are pretty damn entertaining. Combine the crazy stunts along with a great Video and Audio quality, you get a brainless, but fun film. If you like films for the story and character development, I would suggest skipping the movie. But, if you like big action sequences, or if you enjoy technicalities such as superb Video and Audio qualities, then I would recommend getting the Blu-ray. If not buying, at least go out and rent it.
Overall: B-

pixel Blu ray Review: The Three Musketeers

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