Blu-ray Review: Oceans (Disneynature)

Oceans Blu Ray Blu ray Review: Oceans (Disneynature)

Disneynature does it again with the hypnotic and visually stunning new nature documentary called Oceans. Last Earth Day, Disney released Earth, which was terrific, but was mostly footage from Planet Earth edited down to feature-length. Disneynature got Oceans from France and director Jacques Perrin. Perin made the justly beloved documentary Winged Migration and Oceans is a spectacular sight to behold.

Oceans is narrated in mostly unobtrusive fashion by Pierce Brosnan and takes the viewers on a fascinating journey under the sea to see all kinds of bizarre creatures along with some favorites (sharks, seals, cute baby sea turtles). The movie has a dreamy quality and a lush visual atmosphere that can’t be overstated. The movie also has a subtle pro-environmental message that is worthwhile. Oceans isn’t perfect though. Brosnan’s narration goes off the deep end a few times as he babbles about “dragons” and ” unicorns of the sea”. The movie was edited by 14 minutes and some of the more harsher scenes were either trimmed or cut, but the movie gets its point across. Man is destroying the oceans as a devastating shot of bloody water emerging from giant fishnets and most disturbing to me, a shot of a seal trying to swim around a shopping cart at the bottom of the ocean.

The blu ray set is a stunner. Picture quality is razor-sharp and you get a generous helping of extras including a fascinating picture in picture feature where the director pops up to give commentary as you watch the movie. There is also a standard DVD as part of the set and a music video.

Oceans is truly a movie for all ages. A gorgeous look at our major oceans, the creatures who inhabit them, and why we must protect them at all costs. There are some adorable moments as well as some moments of wonder, awe, and menace. As an added bonus, Disney will make a donation in your name to save coral reefs if you buy Oceans on DVD or Blu Ray between now and October 25th.

Grade: A-

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