Blu-ray Review: The Outrage

outrage bluray Blu ray Review: The Outrage


The Outrage is about a band of Yakuza families feuding, agreeing and disagreeing, about turfs and whatnot. Petty stuff for the most part, but every little thing counts. The differing families come off as friends, but they each have agendas. The storyline sounds a bit superficial and unoriginal, and maybe it is. But, it’s the storytelling style that counts here. The characters are very refined – they are memorable, some are quirky, some are scary, and some are just plain comical. This isn’t to say that this is a goofy film, it isn’t.

Think of a Scorcese and Tarantino mash-up, and this is what you get. I honestly can’t describe the film, as it is funny, interesting, serious, and violent at the same time. Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much.
Movie Itself: A


The video quality is amazing. The film feels like a photography book, and Panorama transferred it well. I noticed a bit of stretching in some scenes, it could be banding, or just how the Director preferred it. I noticed this only once or twice throughout, so it’s not something to fret about.

Overall, the transfer is almost perfect, the colors are well balanced, there are no overly sharp frames, and the picture quality is consistently clean.
Video Quality: A-


The film is in Japanese, with English subtitles (great translation), just the way I prefer it. There are no loud distinct music in the film. Mainly, the soundtrack is very low key. The film focuses more on dialogue with background noises which is separated very well. The overall audio quality is good, very clean and easy to listen to.
Audio Quality: A


  • Outrage in Cannes 10 min.
  • Roundtable Discussion – 14 min.
  • Japan Premiere/Director and Cast Appearance – 25 min
  • Making of featurette – 38 min.
  • Cast Interviews – 19 min.
  • Trailer – 1 min.

Nothing fancy here, it’s mostly your typical featurette that are standard on most Blu-rays nowadays. The only one that interested me was the Trailer which is only a minute long. Overall, the Extras are still 2 hours long.


This is a great film, and a great Blu-ray release by Panorama (minus the extras). The video quality is superb, and the audio is impressive. The film itself is really worth checking out. I highly recommend.
Overall: B+

Release Date: Jan. 31, 2012

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