Blu-ray Review: Sucker Punch

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Directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen), Sucker Punch is about a group of girls in a mental hospital trying to escape the hole through the world of fantasy and big action sequences.

The Movie Itself:
This is somewhat hard to review, but let me break it down. The movie as a whole has a lot of weakpoints. Meaning, there are sequences and scenes that are hard to understand. I’m not sure if this is how Snyder intended it to be, or they didn’t have enough footage by mistake, or simply an editing issue. But, it’s an obvious flaw to the film, as some scenes don’t flow very well from one to another.

But, the film boasts some of the most amazing visuals I have seen. Snyder used a lot of CG work for his action sequences, but they work. It is very engaging simply because of how it is presented. Snyder’s use of the camera angles are amazingly fun, and the sound design is top notch. He doesn’t try to cheat by making certain CGs blurry or smokey to cover up bad work. Evderything in his action scenes are very crisp and clear. Amazing. I have watched the action scenes on its own, and enjoyed it every time.

Oh, and the soundtrack is also amazing.

So, the film as a whole, I will give C+, but because of the crazy action sequences, I’d have to bump it up to a solid B.
The Movie Itself: B

WB has been releasing stellar Blu-rays as of late. This one is no exception. This kind of film deserves the best treatment simply because it relies heavily on its visuals as support for the whole film. The transfer is super clear. No edge-enhancements, and cheap tricks of sort. The blacks are very deep, and the colors are very controlled. The warm scenes look fantastic, while the monotone colors to portray the dullness inside the hospital walls are very intentionally depressing. The action scenes are truly where the transfer shines, nothing breaks apart, and the intentional grains are just beautiful. It helps give the film that gritty look. All the details are intact. As a result, we get to enjoy the full experience that Snyder intended for us.
Video: A+

Sp1 Blu ray Review: Sucker Punch

There’s nothing much to say about the sound, except that it’s amazing. One of the best audio quality i’ve heard in recent releases. Everything is crisp, clear, and also well-balanced within the different speakers. Even, amongst all the insane action scenes, the dialogue is still very crisp. The background music is also very clear. This is consistent throughout the film.
Sound: A+

The set comes with two Blu-ray discs and one DVD version of the film with “digital copy.” The first Blu-ray disc is of the theatrical version of the film. The second is of the “extended” cut of the film. The “extended” cut of the film has the Maximum Movie Mode, where Zack Snyder talks about the film. This is very detailed and entertaining as he dishes out a lot of information throughout the film. He talks about the heavy use of slow motion, and the special effects amongst others. This is a great feature for the set.

The other Bonuses are:

Sucker Punch: Animated Shorts (11 min.) – this is okay, more like a promotional piece but still worth looking at.
Behind the Soundtrack (3 min.)

Bonus: B

Sucker Punch is a a very entertaining movie, but not without its flaws. But, what really shines here is how WB handled the transfers. Everything came out as it should be, and as a result, this is one Blu-ray that all nerds with entertainment systems should own.
Overall: A-

Cool Tidbit: You can create your own Sucker Punch custom videos by combining clips, audio, effects and transitions here. Then save your creations to the Gallery and share with friends!  It gives you an idea how a movie is edited.

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