Boba Fett In Force Unleashed Sequel

boba fett 21 Boba Fett In Force Unleashed Sequel

Despite Boba Fett having less than 10 minutes of screen time in the Star Wars movies, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter will make an appearance in the Force Unleashed sequel.  Haden Blackman, the writer for both the original and sequel said:

“We give him what I think is a satisfying character arc. He starts in one place emotionally and physically, and ends up in a different place.”

Blackman said they’re just not adding him just for the sake of making the game cooler.  He said Fett will have a “small but pivotal role.”

Here’s the video (with a 30 second commercial first, so please be patient):

The sequel will follow the same character from the first game, Starkiller.  Huh, what?  If you’ve played the first game you’ll know this doesn’t make sense but I won’t spoil it for the readers that haven’t played it.

I’m guessing Starkiller will fight Fett as one of the level’s boss.  Starkiller beats Fett but not before he captures some of his friends.  I know Boba Fett won’t go down like a chump again!

pixel Boba Fett In Force Unleashed Sequel

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