Book Review: The Pun Also Rises

PunAlsoRises Book Review: The Pun Also Rises

Why shouldn’t you play with Pokemon?

Because they might Pikachu!

I remember this joke back in high school when Nintendo found a cash cow in Pokemon.  Some people groaned but most people laughed.  Even to this day, I tell the joke once in a while and  my fellow nerds still enjoy it.

While many adults will think the joke is juvenile, author John Pollack disagrees.  In his book, “The Pun Also Rises,” he makes good points why it’s okay to make “cheesy” jokes because they’re not as easy as it seems.  Pollack is the “punster” champion and talks about history of the puns.

There are several good stories of unapologetic punsters including a handicapped French who became wealthy and successful.  Some parts  I wish Pollack should’ve explained the jokes better because I didn’t get about a third of them.

While there are times when Pollack talks about the mindset and why jokes are funny, this book mainly focuses on the history of the puns and the reason it should be respected.

It’s a good read but at 240 pages, I was pun’d out towards the end.

“The Pun Also Rises” is a solid book.  It’s worth reading because it made me appreciate wordplay even more!

Grade: B

pixel Book Review: The Pun Also Rises

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