Book Review: The Last Stand Of Chuck Norris

chucknorris2 Book Review: The Last Stand Of Chuck Norris

Ian Spector, the man behind the Chuck Norris facts is back with his 5th book, “The Last Stand Of Chuck Norris:  400 All New Facts About The Most Terrifying Man In The Universe.”  These “facts” became an internet sensation when it started in 2005 such as

– Chuck Norris ends every relationship with, “It’s not me, it’s you.

– Chuck Norris can grate fresh Parmesan cheese with his beard.

Readers have to understand first that these are all jokes when the bearded one became famous again for his cameo in Dodgeball and Walker Texas Ranger skits in Conan O’Brien.  Some people might find the book offensive because it makes Chuck higher than all beings, but that’s why it’s funny.  If you’re serious about religion, read at your own risk.

The fourth book has more facts but I didn’t laugh as much as the old facts.  It’s due to originality.  After doing at least 1600 facts from his previous books, Spector’s jokes aren’t as funny anymore.  I already knew what was coming and the absurdness of it.  But there are still funny ones, for example:

– In August 2010, thirty-three Chilean miners lost a bet to Chuck Norris that they couldn’t afford to pay.

– Inception was written after Christopher Nolan watched Chuck Norris kill ten men in his sleep.

– Chuck Norris once delivered a performance so stiff that a cameraman was later pulled over for DWI.

It’s a good read when you want to kill time.  It’s even better when your friends are around and you guys start reading the facts out loud.  While the jokes aren’t as original anymore, it’s still a book that will make you laugh.

Grade: B

pixel Book Review: The Last Stand Of Chuck Norris

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