Book Review: Steampunk by Brian Robb

steampunk cover Book Review: Steampunk by Brian Robb

Steampunk by Brian Robb and foreword by James Blaylock is an informational and entertaining book about the history of Steampunk. Although, not very strong in certain key points, as it seems to draw conclusions based on weak connections, Steampunk is still a solid book. And, to Robb’s credit, Steampunk is also a genre, or a style, that is very difficult to define. What draws people into the style is the flexibility for change, such as within the Cosplay communities. The illustrated book gives readers a good overall insight about the short and messy history of Steampunk.

Robb credits the growth of the genre to movies (Howe’s Moving Castle, The Time Machine, Dracula), books, historical contexts, and even video games. The book also covers the works of Anime director, Hayao Miyazaki, and credits him as a big influence on the scene.

The book is filled with great full color images such as posters, book covers, and historical photographs to elaborate the author’s ideas. Some of the images, though, are not in high resolution, and maybe even stock, giving some pages a slightly cheesy feel. But, It’s not a deal breaker, as there are many fun images to look at nonetheless.

Overall, Steampunk is a good book, but not without its flaws. It is, however, informative and fun enough for readers interested in understanding the genre to give it a try.

Grade: B-

pixel Book Review: Steampunk by Brian Robb

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