Boxing: Hatton KOd!

The Pacquiao vs Hatton fight was hailed by many as Pacquio’s first true test in boxing. The critics argued that Pacquiao’s win against De La Hoya didn’t mean much since De La Hoya was past his prime. Well, many believe that Hatton is in his prime and would give Pacquiao trouble because he is bigger, stronger, and just as fast as the Pacman. Bigger? Yes. Stronger? Maybe. Faster? Nope.

The fight was short, I predicted a 5th Rd KO by the Pacman, but it ended much sooner that that. In the first Rd, Hatton was dropped twice, and probably was saved by the bell. In the 2nd Rd, Hatton had nowhere to go, he was cornered and was forced to brawl with Pacquiao, not that he didn’t enjoy brawling, since that’s always been his style. But, when you brawl with Pacquio, you will likely lose. Hatton was dropped with an overhand left hook that connected on the button. Hatton was out before he hit the canvas. Hatton is a great fighter, and always entertaining to watch because of his brawling style. Unfortunately, that can also be his weakness. But, I’d watch Hatton over Mayweather anytime, Mayweather likes to run around the ring, while Hatton would rather engage.

2rc38ef Boxing: Hatton KOd!
The KO!

Next up for Pacquaio could be Mayweather Jr., that’s if Mayweather beats Marquez come July 18th.

pixel Boxing: Hatton KOd!

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