Brock Pushes Cameraman After Fight

overeem lesnar Brock Pushes Cameraman After Fight

Brock Lesnar lost on Friday against Allistair Overeem because he was scared.  He was afraid of getting hit from the get go and went for a half ass takedown attempt.  I’m not mad that he lost the fight, I’m more frustrated that he didn’t put up a fight.  Junior Dos Santos vs Cain was a shorter fight but I thought that was good.  Both fighters came out to fight and were fighting to win.  So after Brock’s fight, he was heading back to the locker room when he shoved the cameraman.  Makes Brock even more of a baby, I know he just lost but he should have more self control.

Brock told current UFC heavyweight champ after the fight that Overeem’s knees and kicks were too much.  He felt like he broke his ribs.  I’m glad Brock retired after the fight because he runs his own training camp and it’s obvious he’s not pushed hard enough by his sparring partners.

Source: Cagepotato


pixel Brock Pushes Cameraman After Fight

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