Building A Badass Blu-ray Collection: My Starter Picks

Wizard of Oz1 300x300 Building A Badass Blu ray Collection: My Starter Picks

So you just got a blu-ray player recently. Maybe it was a gift or you bought it with your tax return, congratulations, lets get started on my picks for building a badass collection of blu-rays. Many of the newer releases come as a “combo pack”. You get both the blu-ray disc and a standard DVD, a great idea, in case you want to watch your favorite movies in a bedroom or kitchen that may not be equipped with a blu-ray player, and only has a standard DVD player. Lets check out the list:

Inception– Inception has both a blu ray and standard DVD included and the picture and audio quality are both top notch. Hans Zimmer’s booming score sounds especially awesome in surround sound. It also has some decent extras along the way.

The Expendables– The blu ray again includes both the blu ray and standard DVD version but its the extras that really stand out. A feature-length making of documentary that runs almost 2 hours called “Inferno” is a fascinating look at Sly Stallone’s work ethic and desire to get The Expendables made by any means necessary. Video and audio quality are both excellent.

The Social Network– 2 disc set with some excellent extras and a razor-sharp transfer of David Fincher’s Oscar-nominated flick.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World– Another Blu-ray/DVD combo set of this terrific, fast, and funny film with some really fun extras including an animated short, featurettes and much more. This is a must buy for fans of the movie.

Casino Royale– Terrific video and audio of Daniel Craig’s first outing as spy James Bond. The best Bond movie in eons.

The Matrix– A must buy on blu ray, The Matrix looks and sounds terrific and comes packaged in a book. Whoa!

Ponyo– Another classic from the anime icon Miyazaki and a stellar release from Disney that includes both the blu ray and standard DVD. This movie is a must for ages 5-100.

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight– Chris Nolan pumps fresh blood into the Batman franchise and both blu rays are must own for Batman fans. The extras for The Dark Knight leave something to be desired but the slick audio/visual presentation is spectacular.

Beauty and the Beast– This may be one of the best looking blu rays on the market. Disney’s animated classic practically gleams on blu ray. Visually stunning and true classic storytelling.

The Wizard of Oz– Another classic that looks superb on blu ray.

The Neverending Story– The fantasy classic looks better than ever on blu ray. As a child, the movie practically changed my life and instills a love of fantasy and books that will last the viewer a lifetime.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind– Jim Carrey’s best acting role ever and Michel Gondry’s inventive visual sense makes this a must own blu ray, newly released and ready to own.

Avatar– James Cameron’s box office champ looks amazing on blu-ray, a must-own visual classic.

Those are my picks. Which blu ray movies are must haves in your opinion? Comment below and let us know.

pixel Building A Badass Blu ray Collection: My Starter Picks

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