Bye bye HD-DVD

blu ray discsvg Bye bye HD DVD

Warner Brothers on Friday announced they will Blu-Ray exclusive after May. A couple of days later, New Line, WB’s sister company also announced exclusivity to Blu. Yes, my fellow movie geeks, Lord of the Rings will only be released on Blu-Ray. With the recent announcements, only Universal and Paramount/Dreamworks have full support HD-DVD, while Blu-Ray has Disney, Fox, WB and of course Sony’s movie division, Columbia.

I am saddened by this news, I always thought WB was siding with HD. They released more titles on HD than Blu. Rumors circulated that Sony paid $500 million for the exclusivity. Same rumor also circulated when Paramount announced it was HD exclusive, only it was $135 million. Transformers Director Michael Bay keeps insisting MS paid the company. He also despises HD stating that Blu Ray looks better. It’s obvious he doesn’t know that both formats support the same codecs.

Most of you guys know that I have an HD-DVD player. So what will I do with it now? I’m keeping it! Even though it’s slow to boot up, video on hdmi and lossless sound is amazing. The movies I own have great replay value so I’ll definitely keep them as well. With some HD-DVD owners freaking out and selling their whole collection, I’m hoping to get box sets for really cheap price (Sopranos, Planet Earth).

Interesting fact: Pan’s Labyrinth is the first and last title released on HD-DVD.

pixel Bye bye HD DVD

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