Castle Grayskull Restored To All It’s Glory!

In 1982 Mattel offered the first Masters of the Universe play-set in the form of Castle Grayskull. Made of green molded plastic, this large home to the heroic Masters of the Universe has become an icon of 80’s culture.

CG1 903x1024 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!

Castle Grayskull has a ton of play-value which begins with the castle in the closed position, the detail for such a large piece is excellent even if it’s just brick-work in green with black shading. The “face” of the castle is formed by blackened eyes and a nose with a toothy mouth that functions as the JAW-bridge (draw bridge). In order to enter Castle Grayskull a key was needed to open the sliding lock, this key was the combined halves of the gray and purple Power Sword.

CG2 832x1024 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!

200X He-Man possesses these pieces and now gained entrance into the mystical castle. The PowerSword is slid into the lock and the sliding peg opens to simply push or pull down the JAW-bridge to explore the wonders inside.

CG3 1024x853 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!
To open the play-set, two tabs are pressed and the two halves of the castle are opened on a hinge revealing a lot of detail and areas of play. The right side of the castle features two parapet platforms in the towers with a laser cannon on the right that pivots up and down and a larger platform on the left where a warrior can stand. A flag made of a sticker and a pole is attached to the platform and is removable to clip to the smaller platform where the laser cannon is located.
The first floor features a throne that the 80’s figures can sit upon and the floor itself has a trap door which opens by turning the throne to the left causing a tab to move and for the door to open downwards dropping an enemy to their doom…or a sticker of monsters clawing at a grate upon the floor next to the JAW-bridge. Hanging from the right platform is a banner which is a sticker and on the far left by the window cut-out is a cardboard standee of a robotic suit of armor with a computer unit and weapons, this is held in place by tabs molded into the floor.
Upon leaving the two halves of the Power Sword in the throne a rickety ladder takes the ruler of Castle Grayskull down to the entrance level where another cardboard standee is waiting featuring a false weapons rack.

CG Weapons Rack 955x1024 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!
The left side of Castle Grayskull has a complete weapons rack with real weapons that most of the 80’s figures can hold and use in conflict. The rack features a small shield, a small sword, a nasty looking ax with a spike on a pole arm, a spear and a halberd with a huge blade and three spikes, there is a laser rifle, a small ax and a club that hangs on the side. At the top is a small laser pistol that commands $25+ on ebay. (More on cost later).
Taking the elevator to the upper level by the use of a gargoyle on a sturdy string, the elevator rides it’s track stiffly but surely, the upper level offers the ruler of Grayskull a cardboard computer pressed upon the rear wall to track his enemies and a spinning training device to hone their skills.

CG4 1024x699 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!

I recall hours of play as a child surrounding Castle Grayskull, it was an amazing toy and still is. The construction is pretty simple and very sturdy, it offered a lot of accessories and losing them was not all too hard. The weapons rack alone is a losing battle with keeping all the parts together.

I had aquired Castle Grayskull through labor not money which is good because the shell is going for quite a bit in the vintage stores. Included was the weapons rack minus the weapons, the stand for the laser cannon, one tower platform, both main floors, the elevator and track and the throne and ladder, there was also the training device. To restore the major parts, I was able to get the elevator gargoyle from my brother for $5 which was a few dollars-plus less than ebay. I needed the small platform for the laser cannon which was costly at $7 plus shipping on ebay, but they were the only place that had it so I’m really thankful for it. In regards to the platform, I have the second version, the first version had slots that held the cannon in place, this one is a bit better so the cannon can be moved around. The best accessory find was from a great online store I’ve used many times. For $20 I was able to get the flag which was $14+ on ebay, the full laser cannon which was 10+ on ebay, the ladder, $8+, two training devices which I really didn’t need, but that’s OK and finally the complete weapons rack which is like new, everything that I received was clean and perfect. As I said earlier, the small laser pistol goes for $25+ on ebay, it’s that hard to find and I got a great deal for $20 for all the items mentioned above, (it’s nice not getting ripped off or screwed)!

CG5 1024x1020 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!

As for the stickers and standees, I got lucky with them, I found online actual scans of the originals still on their cards and sticker sheet, the scans were flat so it was just like having them in their actual form. Using printer sticker paper I replaced the banner behind the throne that hangs off of the small platform and I also had to replace the sticker that was on the throne itself. The jail floor is OK for now, but eventually I’ll replace that one too. For the standees I also found original scans and used card stock to print them on, they just had to be cut out as close to the original as possible, positioned and folded as needed, they are perfect and complete the castle.

Castle Grayskull is an absolutely beautiful collectible, it’s mostly original, looks great and houses the 200X figures because I don’t have many of the 80’s figures–besides, the 200X figures are better detailed and look great with the castle from a different era. Teela stands guard over the future king of Grayskull behind the throne as 80’s Teela did when I was young and He-Man enters the JAW-bridge to take his seat upon the throne. Stratos watches from the flag tower for Skeletor and his minions and Man-At-Arms guards the elevator and stands ready near his rack of many weapons and training devices. these were the original four heroic figures from 1981 and they stand watch over the secrets of Castle Grayskull protecting it from the evil forces of Skeletor.

CG6 598x1024 Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!

Also, the upper half of Point Dread could be attached to the large tower of the castle with the Talon Fighter perched upon it. This was one of the many awesome vehicles and specialties of the Masters of the Universe!

GRADE: A++++++++++++++++…………


pixel Castle Grayskull Restored To All Its Glory!

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