New 3 Minute Trailer for Man Of Steel

Oh boy.

I’m not digging this new trailer.  The music is great but the lines are pretty cheesy, reminds me of Watchmen.  Some of the special effects looks pretty bad as well.

What do you guys think?



DC Direct Statues Must Have…For Sept & Oct

DC Direct just announced there latest wave of statues for September and October.  That’s right, collectable companies announce products early to gauge what will be a hit…or miss.

These are just the ones that I’m interested in and worth noting.  Keep in mind they release much more and the whole list can be found here.

Greg Capullo Batman black & white statue.  Retails for $80.  I’m buying this shiznit.  I wish it was the traditional costume instead of the new 52 design.  They already did one with the new costume a year or so ago.  I’m still getting it because …

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Cool Art Profile: Justin Harder

Cool Art Profile: Justin Harder

leonardo Cool Art Profile: Justin Harder

Justin Harder likes to create artwork based on comics, video games and Bill Murray!

BillMurray 12 8 FINAL 2000 Cool Art Profile: Justin Harder

I saw Justin’s work at WonderCon over the weekend and I was floored.

What stood out were the somewhat abstract characters and color palette.  The characters were mostly lanky but he used colors to make each one’s personality stand out.

I wanted to know more about Justin’s artwork so I got an interview with him after the con.

NERDSociety (NS): Can you give our readers a little info about your art background?

Justin Harder (JS): I’ve been drawing since I was 3, I think. I was very …

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Video: Jeph Loeb Talks About Nova

Video: Jeph Loeb Talks About Nova

Here’s a somewhat sentimental video of famed comic book writer, Jeph Loeb, speaking about Nova, a story heavily based on the relationship between father and son. Jeph talks about how the story relates to him in a personal way, and gives insight on how the story was developed.

1966 Batman Toy Line

1966 Batman Toy Line

old batman02 1966 Batman Toy Line

The cheesy, but cool at the same time, Adam West Batman is making a comeback, or at least DC Comics is hoping it would. DC Comics is planning to release comics in the future. But first, they announced the release of the old school Batman figure as an exclusive at SDCC (San Diego Comic-con) 2013, which only means one thing, that most of us won’t be able to get it!

The Cesar Romero Joker, Robin, The Riddler, and Penguin are also coming out, but I don’t think as exclusives. Enjoy the photos below courtesy of Action Figure Insider.

old batman04 1966 Batman Toy Line
They’re …

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Comic Book Burglars Caught on Camera

Two men were captured by surveillance camera on March 2nd at 4:50 am robbing the Atomic City Comic Book store on South St. in Philadelphia. The police report that the two men smashed the front window of the store before entering and making off with a red bag full of money and “other items.” This is a concern with the rising prices in comic books these days.  A first printing of a Walking Dead #1 can garner upwards of $1,000.00. Check out this one being auctioned off on ebay as we speak:  Walking Dead #1 First Printing.   Same thing goes for …

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  • Remember Me? by bykai

    Remember Me? by bykai

  • Faces Deadly Enemies by Morgan Satria

    Faces Deadly Enemies by Morgan Satria

  • Inertia Design by Alan Bao

    Inertia Design by Alan Bao

Free Threadless Spider-Man Shirt Giveaway

Oh yeah….another giveaway to celebrate our redesigned site!

This time, it’s for a totally radical awesome Threadless Spider-Man shirt.

The images in the gallery are my favorites but you can choose from any of the cool 27 designs.

To enter the contest:

1) Tell us your favorite Spider-Man character by commenting below.

2) The contest ends on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 11:59 PM Pacific time.

To double your chances of winning:

1) Retweet this link.

To triple your chances of winning:
1)  Share our FB Spider-Man Threadless contest with friends & family




Deadpool the Game’s Juvenile but Awesome Trailer

WonderCon 2013 Program Cover

WonderCon 2013 Program Cover

Check out this great art by Jim Lee for the 2013 WonderCon cover.

wondercon2013 WonderCon 2013 Program Cover

DC is in full Superman hype as the new movie, “Man Of Steel” comes out June 14, 2013.

To coincide with the movie release, DC has assembled an all star team of Scott Snyder, Jim Lee and Dustin Nguyen for a new Superman title, Unchained.

Below is the first official artwork from the comic.

wondercon1 WonderCon 2013 Program Cover

Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1 – 2 (Dark Horse)

Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1 – 2 (Dark Horse)

star wars comics Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

Anyone who loves Star Wars will love this comic book. Whether you’re interested in comics or not, there’s just no denying the absolute awesomeness of this series. The story opens on Leia, Luke and Wedge, who are flying X-wings outside of some distant planet, scouting a new location for the next rebel base. Of course, it isn’t long before an Imperial Star Destroyer shows up and disrupts their work.

The story takes place after the battle for Yavin which in movie terms puts it somewhere between Star Wars IV A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader has …

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