CES Review: Lucien Elements iPhone Cases

DSCN1873 CES Review: Lucien Elements iPhone Cases

The Lucien Elements booth was located in the accessories section of CES. They were way in the back of the room on the end and as I turned the corner, these glimmering pieces caught my eye. I had to stop and check them out.

Handcrafted with Swarovski crystals mined in Austria, Lucien Elements phone cases are manufactured in Thailand. If you’re into stuff that’s shiny, it honestly doesn’t get any blingier than Swarovski crystals. If you have ever seen them glimmer in the light, they are actually shinier and give off more color than diamonds do.

Founder Nicolas Charles Thomas comes from a long line of jewelry makers. His idea was to blend technology with “beautiful and distinctive forms of elegant self-expression.” Each of his jewelers and goldsmiths bring over 30 years of experience to their craft.

The jewels are held in by a double-grid system that fits over them and holds them into place. There is no glue so each jewel is guaranteed to never pop out. If one does or ever cracks, Lucien offers a global life-time warranty to where they will repair or replace any damaged product.

Prices start at $220. for their Spectrums First Edition which comes in a wide range of colors and go up to the Together series, which is sold as a pair and retails at $470.

There is a handy tool on their website where you can customize your own by selecting the colors to go on each piece of the case. This costs a little more than your regular First Edition, from around $192. to $245., depending on whether you opt for gold plating and customized laser engraving.  For more information, go to the Lucien Elements website at www.lucienelements.com.



pixel CES Review: Lucien Elements iPhone Cases

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