Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

New from the Black Rock Shooter TV Animation and my first Nendoroid is Chariot with her Tank Mary.

Chariot 11 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

A Nendoroid is built like a Figma with removable and interchangeable parts such as faces, hands and larger body pieces; they are created in the “deformed” look or Chibi look where the head is big and the body is small making these little figurines cute if anything.

Chariot 2 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

In the world of Black Rock Shooter, Chariot is Kagari a “friend” of Yomi who is also Dead Master in “The Other World.” Created just for the TV Anime, Kagari is probably the most insane character to hit BRS since Dead Master in the Manga.

Chariot 4 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

At a young age Kagari had caused herself to be wheelchair bound and became very controlling of Yomi to the point of keeping tabs on her and physically and mentally abusing her—she is so nuts, that to keep Yomi from befriending Mato (Also Black Rock Shooter), she throws herself down the steps of Yomi’s home putting herself in the hospital where she tells Yomi that she would have to take care of her from feeding her to helping her use the bathroom.

At this point however, the battle in the other world between Black Rock Shooter and Chariot is going on in multiple stages.

Chariot 8 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

Chariot is attacking Rock with her Tank Mary—Mary is basically a doll that Kagari has and in the other world it is a spider-like tank that fires huge Macaroons from its mouth as a weapon.

Chariot 9 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

The Mary Tank is fully articulated in all the legs and in the body, the wheels are stiff but they do turn and there is a seat for Chariot to sit in with the use of a second Crinoline with clips attached to hold her in place. Mary has a swappable face part that goes from a closed sewn up mouth to an open mouth for macaroon firing action—well, at least in the Anime.

Chariot 7 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

When Mato and Kagari first meet, the crazy girl offers the “dirty” macaroons to her such as the multi-colored and the brown. Included with Chariot are extra arms for a great pose of her cradling the cookie-like “ammo” in one arm and another arm with an attached macaroon for throwing. Attached is the second face which makes her look either stuck up or uncaring. Mary is in the background with the first face part with the mouth sewn closed.

Chariot 10 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

Although it gets lost in the camera flash on every photo, Chariot comes with a small attachable Cowlick; this is the best photo I could get without it getting lost in the white of the flash.

Chariot 5 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

After Black Rock Shooter destroys Mary, Chariot goes head to head in combat using a sword and shield, the shield is one of Mary’s wheels that is removable and can be held in an alternate left or right arm with a ball joint for articulation. The sword can be held in either a left or right closed hand with a slot for the handle.
The Nendoroid stand is somewhat built like the Figma stand, however it offers many pegs on the base for more posing options. The “boom” that attaches to the figures back is curved and can be articulated in multiple directions.

The crown is removable and simply has a peg at the back of the head to keep it in place, along with the friction of the hair. Her hair has a few articulated points at the front sides and the body itself can be completely unassembled—the head, face, panty, legs, feet…everything comes apart.

My favorite thing about Chariot are her feet, they are wheels denoting the fact that Kagari is in a wheelchair. In the following official production artwork, you can see how cool the character is and the wheels are just awesome as a mechanical extra attached to her body. Also, the “Real World” Kagari.

Chariot 12 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

In this final photo, I’ve compared the “Azusa” from “K-ON!” Figma to the Chariot Nendoroid in order to give an idea of the size difference. My preference is a Figma because of the scale being that of an action figure; however, there is no Chariot Figma (yet?) so I chose to get the Nendoroid just so I could have her, after all, Chariot is a great character.

Chariot 3 Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

In the end, Rock kills Chariot and Strength dumps her into a pit with the other dead “others” and Kagari becomes sane and gets out of the wheelchair and becomes popular in school with her bleached hair and Tsundere attitude—it’s a shame though, “they” just refuse to put it on DVD in the States, find a fan-sub to see it for yourself.

Chariot with Mary, is a great figure set that has so much detail you may miss something. Although the Chibi style is not my thing, this was one item that I couldn’t pass up.

GRADE: A (For being awesome in every way, but the constant removal of major parts for the photos was nerve racking)!


pixel Chariot With Mary Nendoroid!

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