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I first saw Tanya Tate, dressed up as The Invisible Woman at Long Beach Comic Con last year.  She looked great and I took a photo of her.  Afterwards, she gave me a flyer about herself.  I googled her name and found out she did some adult movies.  Then I started wondering if she was really into nerd culture or was she just promoting her career.  I was skeptical but the answers she gave for the exclusive interview makes me believe she’s a nerd at heart.

NERDSociety: What’s your most memorable cosplay experience and why?

Tanya Tate:  I have two. The first one was last year at San Diego Comic Con. It was my first time Comic Con, the first time I had ever dressed up. I was in an Emma Frost costume and Marvel had invited all the cosplayers who dressed up as Marvel Superheroes to go up on Odin’s throne for pictures. So there I was, up on Odin’s throne and people went mad. They were taking pictures and hollering. It was loads of fun. It’s was an enjoyable first cosplay experience.

The second was at Comic Con this year. I had dressed up as Electra Woman from the Krofft TV show and just coincidentally Sid and Marty Krofft were signing that day. So, I went to meet them and they were so cool. They loved the costume and the changes I had made. That was very thrilling.

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Your favorite costume?

Currently, it’s my Electra Woman costume. I’ve been asked that question before, and  I’ve said that loved them all equally, but since then I’ve got my Electra Woman costume.   I designed it based on the original, it was custom made to fit my body. I love it.

Has anyone ever recognized you for your adult work when cosplaying?

Yes. I’ve had fans come up to me, but they have always been respectful of the element we are in. When I’m cosplaying it’s usually in a family environment, so while it’s cool that they recognize me from adult entertainment, it’s not really the time to talk about it. Other than that, they enjoy meeting me and seeing that I’m into the same type of things they are into.

For example, I’m going to the D23 Disney convention, if anyone wants to come up and say “hello,” I encourage them to do so.

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Do you find nerds attractive?

I find nice, confident people attractive. If that is a nerd, then yes!

Any tips for nerds how to approach/talk to cosplayers like yourself?

The American phrase “slow your roll” comes to mind. I understand there is an element of excitement and enthusiasm. But being pushy is not cool. In my experiences, generally everyone has been respectful, but I have had people forget that I’m human and start jabbing their finger into my shoulder to get my attention, or rudely get in my face. That wasn’t pleasant, and I would encourage people not to treat cosplayers in such a manner. Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like this Scouser when she’s angry.

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 What’s your favorite movie and why?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And no, that is not a movie I have starred in, LOL. It’s a kid’s movie that I loved since I was very little. I also think Mary Poppins is one of my favourites of all time.

Do you play any video games?
I have a Wii console but I have no one to play against. The three games I have are collecting dust. So if any one wants to play Wii with me, send me a tweet.

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What’s your favorite comic?
I’m a big Hulk fan. I like the classic ones. It was always fun to read.

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Recent comics you’re reading?
I was reading Chew but I’ve been out of it for the last few issues.

Where can they follow you on social sites?
They can follow me on Twitter at, and for the rest they can visit And of course my blog is

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 Any final message to our readers?
Yes, what costume would you like to see me wear? Tweet me and let me know. And if you see me at a convention, be sure to say “Hello.” And…Stay Super!

I want to thank Tanya Tate for the interview.  She’ll be at D23 this weekend,  so if you see her, say “Hi” to her and challenge her on the Wii.

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