Mr. Chow Is Back For Hangover 2

hangover mr chow Mr. Chow Is Back For Hangover 2

Director Todd Phillips has confirmed with Empire Online that the flamboyant Mr Leslie Chow will be back for the sequel.  I don’t know if this is a good idea with Mr. Chow coming back.  He was funny in the original because he was an original character and surprised me with his crazy antics.  If you saw him the sequel, you already know what to expect from him and won’t be as funny.  I was hoping they’d go with new side characters.

Phillips also confirmed that the story will take place in LA and Thai Land and talked smack on Meet The Parents franchise:

“I know what I’m up against. I saw Meet The Fockers. But we’re aiming high. It’s called The Hangover Part Two, you know”

I guess Phillips is really confident and with the success of Hangover, he has the right to be.  Hangover has grossed closed to $500 million worldwide.  The sequel is scheduled for 5/26/2011.

pixel Mr. Chow Is Back For Hangover 2

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