Christian Bale Apologizes on Kevin and Bean

connor2 Christian Bale Apologizes on Kevin and Bean has the audio up here

Kevin and Bean from KROQ received a surprise call from Christian Bale this morning during Ralph’s entertainment segment. I thought it was going to be another segment where they were going to make fun of Bale’s outburst, but it turned out to be the real Christian Bale. Now we get to hear his side of the story.

Bale said that he’s not used to being a movie star and still thinks of himself as an actor first. And when he gets into his role, he really gets into it. He was talking about his character of John Conner, who has a crazy side of him just like his mother. There’s a scene in the movie where it shows that, and that’s the scene that he took it too far when Shane, the DP interrupted his concentration, and he became half John Conner and half Christian Bale.

He said that he wasn’t bullying Shane, because Shane is a big dude who used to play football and that most of the stuff he said about wanting Shane fired is just “hot air.” He later explains to Kevin, Bean, and Ralph that he apologized to Shane that very day and they still worked on the movie together for one more month. They even got in contact last week and Bale saw some of Shane’s work and he said that it looks good.

Well pretty much, Bale said that please forgive his action, and that he owns up to it. He said that it’s no excuse to act that way, even if you’re a celebrity. He also mentions that don’t look at him as a star, but as a human, and that everyone makes mistakes. He asks Kevin, Bean and Ralph if they ever had a bad moment, lost their temper, and had regretted later on in their life, and Ralph replied, “Yeah, all the time with Kevin and Bean.”

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pixel Christian Bale Apologizes on Kevin and Bean

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