CHUCK Renewed For a 4th Season

chuck renew 2 CHUCK Renewed For a 4th Season

Announced today Chuck, Sara and Casey will be back for another season of CHUCK.  The show was endanger of not returning due to low rating on the Nielsen System.  The studio requested 6 more episodes after “Chuck VS the Other Guy”  which was suppose to be the original finale of the 3rd season but there was still no word if the show had been picked up for another season.  For a show that has so many dedicated fans it didn’t make sense that the show would have low ratings .

At this years WonderCon in San Francisco stars of  CHUCK held a panel and Chuck himself had some words on how fans could help keep the show going:

The most effective Television watching is live Television watching.  To add to that watching a video you isn’t live, I hate to say it but it’s almost non effective.  Advertisers need to know that their advertising dollars mean something, and if you zip through commercials on DVR, which is beautiful, I do it too.  Or if you watch it on Hulu even, you only have one commercial in each one of those breaks.  None of that means anything really at the end of the day to advertisers, it’s unfortunate but that’s just kinda how it is.  So if you want to support the show in a way that really resonates with the people advertising the show, then watch it live and tell other people to watch it live.   Specifically friends with Nielsen Boxes I guess, I don’t know any.“- Zachary Levi

So good job CHUCK fans for bring the show back for another season, only 3 more episodes left in this season.

CHUCK Season 3 Finale “Chuck VS the Ring: Part II” airs May 24 on NBC.

pixel CHUCK Renewed For a 4th Season

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