Classic Film Review: American Pop!

 Classic Film Review: American Pop!

In 1980 an amazing adult animated movie called American Pop came out for the public to experience. Directed by, Ralph Bakshi whose film Fritz The Cat was given an “X” rating in the 70’s.  Bakshi used actors to play the character to then animate over them giving the look and emotion of the cartoons coming to life.

American Pop brings the viewer into a world of pop culture–following a family of musicians through 4 generations. Starting with Zalmie who immigrated to New York and began in Vaudeville. Bennie his son whom was a genius pianist. Bennie’s son, Tony who wrote music in the 60’s and was the creator of the biggest songs from that era. Finishing with Tony’s son, Pete who graces the cover of the DVD–the modern Rockstar!

 Classic Film Review: American Pop!

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American Pop is filled with emotion, comedy, love and hope. It’s a movie (regardless of it’s “R” rating) that is entertainment for the whole family.  Even with the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

The animation is great for it’s time, the music is just wonderful for any generation, the story itself is perfect and well-written into a great dramatic.

At 96 minutes, the time will fly by, but the memories of a great story will stick with you forever.

Grade: A+

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Pete Has a Greeting.

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