Classic Movie Review: G.I. Joe The Movie!


In 1987 the animated Movie for G.I. Joe came out to a catchy theme song in the opening credit’s. From the beginning of the movie until the end, viewers were treated to some nice art and good animation. The cast included all the names from the TV show plus Don Johnson–star of “Miami Vice” as Lt. Falcon, Duke’s Half Brother. Also in the cast and well voiced was Burgess MeredithMickey in Rocky, Penguin in the 60’s Batman and a great actor all in all. Burgess was the evil Cobra La leader Golobulus. The final and most loved voice was none other than Sgt. Slaughter as himself.

The story has two points, one was the main story where the Cobra Emperor Serpentor leads his army to take possession of a machine called the Broadcast Energy Transmitter which they refer to as BET. As the story progresses it is found out that with the BET the combination of Cobra and Cobra La can take over the planet.

This story lets people see the cartoon origin of Cobra Commander and a host of new Joes including Chuckles the Vice cop and Jinx the ninja girl with bad luck following her around.

The other end of the story is more of a coming of age for Lt. Falcon. Not to give away huge spoilers, but since the movie is on disk… Duke was supposed to die– opening the door for Falcon to take his place. I had found out that the story was changed because of what happened with Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie. I do wonder if G.I. Joe would have been much different if they did kill Duke off–Scarlett wouldn’t have a boyfriend and that’s about it, so probably not.

I recommend that if you’ve never seen G.I. Joe The Movie that you find a copy–or better yet, just go to Youtube and watch it in parts. It’s very good and I give it an “A-” for being entertaining, revealing cartoon secrets and for the quality of creation.

pixel Classic Movie Review: G.I. Joe The Movie!

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