Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail-Away!

cc1 1024x1015 Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail Away!

The new prize of my G.I. Joe collection! This is the canceled mail-away that connected the Rise of Cobra line to the Pursuit of Cobra line. Packaged in a mailing box denoting The Rise of Cobra movie, Cobra Commander slides out to reveal a TROC packaging with the card graphics of the Pursuit of Cobra “chase” figure packaging. The red background with “Cobra” in place of “G.I. Joe” is adorned with art of the Commander himself. The back of the package has an ID card and a letter from “CC.”

cc back 750x1024 Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail Away!
The figure inside the packaging is a repaint of the 2009 Rise of Cobra, Cobra Commander with a chromed head. Included with Cobra Commander are some interesting accessories including his awesome tri-gun, hand cannon and Cobra Banner. I can’t find the small gun that comes with the Pursuit of Cobra figure however, the best piece in the package is the exclusive HISS Tank Drone. This little tank needs to be assembled, the body is a chromed red and there are two black tread pieces that snap on. The final pieces are two rotating cannons that snap on the top rear of the tank. The mini HISS has a firing missile and Cobra Commander’s hand cannon can fit in the barrel of the tank also.

cc Hiss Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail Away!
The final item included is a figure stand. This is one awesome figure and it’s value as a collectible gets even better with the included note from General Hawk that tells you by doing what was required they sent the figure–but, in the summer there will be another mission, and that mission is to buy the Pursuit of Cobra figures–already did…

CC Letter 704x1024 Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail Away!
The Cobra Commander canceled mail-away is probably a figure best opened but it’s aftermarket cost is pretty steep in order to do so. The average going rate is $80-$100+, I got mine for less than $50 which is a good deal. As a serious collector of G.I. Joe I had to have this figure. The photos were taken as soon as I received it in the mail, it’s now encased in an official G.I. Joe shell with the note from Hawk behind it. The mailing box is put away safe. Destro’s “dear” Cobra Commander is front and center on the top of my G.I. Joe shelf so I can look at it with enjoyment.
Totally bitch’in, if you find it at a good price, I recommend picking it up!

cc compare 1024x732 Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail Away!

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G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra…Figures!


GRADE: A+ (For Awesomeness)!

pixel Cobra Commander: Cancelled Mail Away!

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