COD: Black Ops Rage

Check out these 2 hilarious vids from El Presador regarding Black Ops.  This guy loves Black Ops so much that the glitches in the game pisses him off.  He just wants a fair game and when things don’t go his way, that’s when the videos get funny.

 The game has some unbalanced issues when it comes to the multiplayer.  The hit detections are unpredictable and crappier guns have better aim than the “good” ones.  For example see below:

0 COD: Black Ops Rage

Here’s another one where respawns is messing up his game.  It’s funny how he bitches about the game, yet continues playing it.  This guy is gold, make sure to watch the whole clip.  The last 15 seconds is gold.

0 COD: Black Ops Rage
pixel COD: Black Ops Rage

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