Collections: Part 3!

In this final part of collections we’ll talk about the negative aspects such as selling, loss and not being able to stop.

There are some great photos of collections and some information for you.

Selling: Why would someone sell something that they spent so much money and time on? There are a few reasons why.

1. They NEED money, and a good amount of it NOW. We either get so wrapped up in spending the money to collect things that we don’t realize the bills need to be paid too–it happens… Or emergencies where money is needed and this is the only way to get it. (OR, maybe you are a wiener who’s love muffin doesn’t want it in the house and you sell it and cry yourself to sleep every night!)

2. Loss of interest, you just don’t want these things anymore and you might as well sell them, there are many people out there who want what you have.

3. That was the whole point of collecting these things, you wanted to sell–buy low, sell high. The rare figures make the most!

Most people collect with the intent of keeping the collection. Some people fill a house with something and they have only one plan for it and that is giving it as inheritance to someone who will take care of it after they are gone. (They also hope that this person doesn’t sell it all after the fact.)

Personally for me, I collected what I have due to personal interest and have no plans to sell no matter how desperate I get for money.

Loss: The one thing no one want’s to think about. Water, fire, hurricane, earthquake, theft… All of these things are possible, but we do our best to hope to avoid them.

In the event of loss, you could always become “The Punisher” and go hunting for a way to get even–with theft at least. As for nature, there’s just no way around it. If you are aware of the on-coming danger you can always find a way to protect your investment, but in a sudden case such as fire or flood, know what you want to take when you run for it–“This toy, this movie, the pet, the baby…!”

As bad as loss can be, there is always a way to restore the collection, however, there will always be that fear after a loss where the collection would be reduced to just a few items and extra steps taken to protect these few items. The good part is, a loved one would probably tell others to get you these things for birthdays and holidays.

Not being able to stop: You may or may not find that phrase funny, but it’s so sad it’s true. I myself am a “victim” of this horrible calamity! This illness! This…oh, who the hell am I kidding, I don’t want to stop, it makes me happy to see a box on my porch after work and then to open it like having another X-mas! To revel in the beauty of what I have received, to hold it, to look at it with the passion and triumph of getting another of “that item” to add to the minimal space remaining. That’s what it’s all about. Negative, no–collecting is about making yourself happy and in this work a day world you need something other than the rig-a-ma-roll of everyday needs that proves your work had a purpose…Something for you and you alone.

Happy collecting!

Below are collections from John Spartan, CCFMDS and myself-Paladin.  Enjoy!

John Metal Gear and others 1024x768 Collections: Part 3!

Metal Gear and 300/Spartan objects, plus some extras!

Some awesome Metal Gear figures, they are highly detailed!

John Transformers 1024x768 Collections: Part 3!

Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Starscream with Megatron and Prime!

Masterpiece Transformers, both Prime and Starscream are awesome, super detailed and as robots are very pose-able and come with a lot of accessories!

Kamen Rider 1 1024x768 Collections: Part 3!

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight From CCFMDS.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight!  An assortment of the 3 and 3/4 action figures, 2 large figures of Wing Knight and Dragon Knight and direct from Japan we have Strike and Wing Knight (Survive!)  The poster is signed by the creator and a promo “post card” of and signed by actor Matt Mullens!  Awesome!

Kamen Rider 2 768x1024 Collections: Part 3!

Strike and Dragon Knight.

Some close shots of Strike and Dragon Knight.

Kamen Rider 3 768x1024 Collections: Part 3!

Wing Knight and Wing Knight (Survive.)

Close shots of the Wing Knight’s.

I decided on my Konjiki No Gash Bell collection, it’s larger than I thought.  I left out some things because then it would become way over the top.  First is the card game collection with the video games.  At the top left is a book with all the foil and rarer cards just opened to the first page.  There are three in screw closed keepers which are signed by the voice actors Debbi Derryberry (Gash and Zeon) and Melissa Fahn (Tio.) there is a “gold” coin for choosing who goes first in the game that was a Japan only item.  There are some spell books and my best cards in top loaders.  The game wasn’t very successful, but I still love the cards!

Gash Cards 1024x768 Collections: Part 3!

"Zatch Bell" Gash Bell card game and video games!

Next I had to cut the DVD’s, figures, poster and Manga’s into three parts due to the size.  Some of the DVD’s and Manga’s are in Japanese because EVERYTHING was cancelled in the U.S.–they can go to hell for that!  Also, the English versions of both are censored heavily–the “real” cartoon and Manga is so much better!

Gash 1 768x1024 Collections: Part 3!

Figures and DVD's!

Part 1 featuring the impossible to find figures, English and Japanese DVD’s.

Part 2 features another figure set, the 1st movie to the left of the poster and most of the Manga’s.

Gash 2 768x1024 Collections: Part 3!

DVD's and Manga's!

Part 3 features a better shot of the poster that I took off the wall for the photo, the 2nd movie and the Manga’s with the Japanese Manga’s at the bottom right, with the last one being volume 33 the last of the series which I read in English on the internet.

Gash 3 768x1024 Collections: Part 3!

Poster, Movies and Manga!

Finally, a little treat.  I really love Gash Bell, I think it’s a great property and it makes me happy every time I see the characters, watch the show, read the books, ect…  So, what better way to enjoy it the most then to have some permanent reminders in the form of Gash on the left and his evil twin brother Zeon on the right!

Gash and Zeon Tattoos 1024x871 Collections: Part 3!

Tattoo's of Zeon and Gash--yeah, they are real!

I hope you, the reader enjoyed this series of collections articles.  We at are proud to bring our personal collections to you.  Now, we would like you to bring your personal collections to us to feature on a weekly basis.  Please send pictures of your favorite collections with a description and other info to:

Thanks for reading!

pixel Collections: Part 3!

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