Comic Review: Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead

Boba Fett Is Dead Blood Ties Star Wars Comic Review: Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead
*Minor Spoilers*

Well its been a while since I’ve done a comic book review, but now I’m back and I’m here to give you my thoughts on the second arc in the Star Wars Blood Ties series. Boba Fett is Dead is written by Tom Taylor, penciled Chris Scalf and published by Dark Horse Comics. I am a huge fan of this mini series, the writer has a set amount of issues to tell his story and what the creative team is able to do in just 4 issues is incredible. We have several stories going on at once and they are all triggered by well… Boba Fett being killed and his kind of brother (its complicated) Connor Freeman sets out to find out who killed Fett.

At first the plot seems like a detective story set in the Star Wars universe, this was really cool to me and I thought the second issue was going to drop this entirely however when Boba Fett is revealed to be alive.  He takes over the detective story while Connor Freeman is left to protect Fett’s family.  All of this is wrapped up in a revenge plot by a corrupt governor who wants Fett dead for unknown reasons. To enjoy this series, you need to read the last one as it sets up the relationship between Boba and Connor, this will make their banter much more enjoyable and you will see how these characters have changed from their last encounter. Connor is much more experienced fighter and tracker than before, while Boba Fett does drop his cool attitude to deliver some funny lines here and there. If you are an experienced Star Wars fan who knows EVERYTHING about the expanded universe, then some of the twists won’t be twists, because chances are, you will already know why this governor wants Fett dead, about Fetts family and so on. But since I didn’t know these things, they were really cool twists and they made Boba Fett a much more three dimensional character than he ever was in the movies. That said, there is one thing that’s never revealed and you will need to google it to find out what it is. The action scenes are fantastic and they really show you why Boba Fett is the ultimate bounty hunter badass, he sort of a mix between Batman and the Punisher, he is always prepared for any situation.  He always finds away to win in a seemingly impossible situation , he is a master of deception, stealth, hand to hand combat, has vast knowledge of many beasts in the Star Wars universe and he even has a hobby of collecting teeth of these creatures and uses some of them as weapons or interrogation tools. The art is simply breathtaking, every panel looks like a painting, the actions scenes are spectacular and there are so many small details that just made me wanna scan every single inch of a panel, probably some of the best art out there right now. This creative team has for me personally crafted two great mini series that have not only made me a fan of Boba Fett but a fan of Star Wars, if you are already a SW fanatic then you need to have this in your collection.  But if you’re a comic book reader with not much knowledge of SW or you’re just looking for something of quality, outside of DC/Marvel, then you wont find much better than this series. I highly recommend that you guys check out the first one then this because they are one connected story and you will enjoy the second mini series even more.


pixel Comic Review: Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead

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